The Openning of the RP Realm "Evening Star" (Cata)

17-04-2013, 23:50
We open before you a world of epic fantasy in the scenery of the popular Warcraft universe . We offer you a game of mind and creativity, where you can become a mighty warrior, a cunning thief, a wise mage, gain fame and fortune, to battle the evil and win the victory.
If you are already familiar with the concept of role-play game and know the ropes in the given universe, then we invite you to get acquainted with the special rules applicable to the role realm"Evening Star."
If you have not played such games, and want to learn more about them or improve your memory - we ask you to read a small article about what we are doing and how to start playing.

The opening will take place on the 20th of April at 12:00 (Moscow time).
P.S. For any questions regarding to the new server there is a special topic.