New Year

23-12-2013, 10:57
On occasion of the New Year, administration has decided to gift two weeks long sale. Special offer will be launched a week before the New Year:
- all the items at the donate vendors are 30% as cheaper;
- change of the faction and sex service will be cheaper as well;
- removed characters recovering will be 30% as cheaper as well.
According to the tradiion, the gifts (which exactly you will know from the e-mail because this is a surprise) will be send at the new year's eve.
Also, a new year event will be launched with the boss which has quite interesting, rare and valuable loot. The list of the loot we wil announce later and it will be non-complete, perhaps (there should be a surprise).
Well, and according to the trdition, we remind you that the administration may correct the dates and the conditions of the New Year's sale and event without announcement if necessary. Monitor the news from time to time.

New Year's sale is launched! New Year's event is launched!