[MOP] Server x10 has been updated to 5.4.2 patch

16-03-2014, 05:14
Dear players!
After 3 months of developing a new server version and a month of testing,
we are glad to tell you that on the 29th of March 2014 MoP x10 has been updated with a new 5.4.2 client version.
х100 server will be updated by the 20th of April!

Everyone's characters, items and gold have remained untouched.
Currency has been converted:
Valor points > Justice points
Conquest points > Honor points
Other types of currency have been converted into gold.

You can find how to connect to a 5.4.2 server right here: click

Now let's see what has been already done and what the future plans are.
What exactly we have managed to do for this short period of time:
- The first and the most important thing is that the work with main opcodes has been finished which allows us to transition 5.0.5 realms to the new patch.
- Item upgrade system has been implemented.
- Arenas and battlegrounds' workability is now almost blizzlike!
- Archeology has been reworked, you will like it for sure.
- Mounts'(vehicles) workability has been fully reworked.
And so much more!

Plans (the most expected ones):
- Pet battles. We are working on it already.
- Flexible raids.
- Scenario.
- Challenges.
- We will try our best to script Siege of Orgrimmar on a decent level as fast as possible.
- And of course, we are planning to work actively on solving issues concerning classes, quests and settlement.