The End of the Arena Season. Interview with Grame

8-04-2015, 14:27
Окончание сезона арены. Интервью с Grame

Spring has come. And it means that in these spring days players are waiting for one of the most important events at the game project: the end of the arena season, summarizing and, of course, rewarding. As it usually happens, someone burst into the top and someone just played cap, but all of us took part in this event, somehow. Almost all the players are very concerned about it, and you, my friends are for sure interested to know the opinion about what is happening from the person who is directly responsible for it. That's why I decided to ask Grame, let's see what he will say. But first, we are going to speak a bit about what is the arena and try to grasp in its history in the World of Warcraft.

What does the word "arena" mean? This concept has different meanings for everyone, however by itself it is a place where there is a battle between two teams. There are three types of Arena: 2 vs 2 players, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 players. Arema is not just a way to get the best PvP gear, but also a place where you can earn the respect and honor. In the world of Warcraft, it is the cruelest and the bloodiest kind of sport.

Arena was implemented with the release of the Burning Crusade Patch 2.0. In the beginning, there were only two arena places: Nagrand Arena and Blade's Edge Arena. It’s not difficult to guess that having not so large selection the players studied giving areas very thoroughly, including the area around the arena: they were bored so much. Also, for the purchase of the gear in the early arena seasons you needed Alterac Valley Medallions in addition to honor points, which complicated the process of dressing.

Well, in the end of the story of the arena history I’ll tell you about the Ring of Valor. As for me, I incredibly liked this place for its uniqueness, but because of the large number of problems (bugs) it had been removed by the release of Pandaria, and the location is used as Brawler’s Guild now. These bugs were the walls of fire, which were used by dishonest death knights, and finally half of the players was simply thrown out of the arena with the client error.

But now let’s return to our arena season. On this subject, I decided to talk to Grame, who is engaged in the distribution of awards and titles of the arena season, and also is a Senior GM and FUN LK and testers’ curator.

Victimsnino (V): Hello, Grame. May I ask you a few questions about the end of the arena season?
Grame (G): Hello. Sure.

V: As we know, the arena season has been closed at all the realms of our project. And the main question, which is of interest to many of our players: have you thought of giving out for the 2x2 setup mounts / achievements / titles? Which is to say, why have you decided not to do it? Was it possible to find an alternative?
G: You see, 2x2 - is a simplified version of the normal arena setup, even despite the fact that there are greater rivalries between the players here. But this setup is less important and easier even though it has a lot of popularity. That’s why we do not give so many awards as in 3x3. The rewards are received only by the top three teams that are the strongest. And if the rewards in 2x2 will be the same as in 3x3, no one will play there.

V: If you think that 2x2 is "a simplified version of the normal arena setup", it means that 5x5 is the most difficult. Why the players don’t pay attention to it? Maybe it would be great to revive this setup by attracting the players with rewards?
G: As for the 5x5, I can only say one thing. Unfortunately, it is not relevant at our server. Blackmanos (The head of the project) said that there were only 2 teams at all the Lich King realms now, and none of them have 2k rating. As you already understand, there is nobody to give prizes to. Now, I have several variants for reviving/birth of this setup, but about it later.

V: There is such kind of rating fighting in the Mists of Pandaria as rated battlegrounds (RBG). Maybe it’s worth to reward it somehow as well? Or the situation here is the same as with 5x5?
G: If I'm not mistaken, we have awards for RGB. Another topic will be created later for Pandaria where I describe everything, since in the recent topic I mentioned only the top Pandaria teams’ rewards.

V: Well, we will wait. And the last question: What do you expect from the next arena season? Maybe we face some changes?
G: The awarding system may be changed a little, since there are plans for the arena development in the future. I won’t write about the changes in detail, because there has been no any discussion and agreement yet, but everyone will see the results later if anything changes.

V: Thank you for answering my questions. Wish you all the best.
G: Thank you, too.

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