Malkorok Strategy Guide

27-04-2015, 16:28
Тактика на Малкорока

Recently, a new boss, Malkorok, was added to the Siege of Orgrimmar at all the Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 realms. And it means that it's time to consider the strategy guide.
To kill this boss, we need 2 tanks and 5 healers in the 25-player mode and 3 healers in 10-players mode. There is no some specific arrangement for this boss, but the raid must disperse across the available area and stand as far from each other as possible for greater convenience. I’ll describe it later.
Malkorok has only two phases, and their change depends on the amount of fury he has. When Malkorok gain 100% of rage he moves to the second phase for 20 seconds, and then return to the first again. And that repeats till the end. Now, let’s consider phases in details:

Let's start with the main feature: it’s impossible to heal the raidmates because of debuff . Because of it, all incoming healing will turn into absorption. The healers’ aim is to keep, which is formed upon healing, at its greatest potential, since if someone lose some health, it will be impossible to restore the health until the second phase. That’s why it has sense for one of the druids (free tank or dd), to use, in the beginning of the fight to hang quite strong absorption on the entire raid.
The boss itself has only five abilities on the first phase: - tanks must interchange each other every 10-12 stacks of this debuff. - the AoE (zone) ability of cone type. Malkorok hits it towards a random player. During casting of this ability a lot of dust appears in the place where he is going to hit. You need to quickly run out of this dust. The raid needs to remember the places where the boss hit using this ability. It is recommended to mark them, since a short period of time after the third usage Malkorok uses to the same places. If you get under the influence of this ability, there is a 99% chance that it will be a one-shot. - Malkorok hits the ground and throws a random player in the air, throwing up everyone who stands in a 5-meter radius next to the player as well. That is why you need to disperse across the area - Malkorok creates a puddle, which will explode after 4 seconds and inflict 510k damage to the entire raid. In order to prevent this, the players have to stand into the puddles and then only those who stand in them will receive 410k damage which is divided among all the players in a puddle.
As soon as the boss gains 100% of rage, the second phase begins.
Phase 2

Having passed to this phase Malkorok will cast, on himself, which will allow him to hit everyone who is near the tank with 1.8m AoE damage. To save the tank, the raid should stand in front of the boss near the tank, thereby sharing the damage.
At the same time, Malkorok will cast on random players. Those who will receive the debuff must immediately run out of the raid and wait for dispell (debuff dispersion), otherwise the raid will receive a large AoE damage.
The whole phase lasts 20 seconds and then the first one starts again and Malkorok gets increasing his damage by 25%. From that moment everything starts again.
You have only 6 minutes to kill this boss. Otherwise the boss will kill you with
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