Changelog September 2013 (5.0.5)

6-04-2015, 07:52
- Fix of ability Стремительность хищника. Now the aura is removed after using one of abilities
- Fix of Изначальное неистовство. Now, upon critical hit increasing combo one combo point is given.

- Fix of bug, when Неистовые кулаки increased radius by more than 5m.
- Целебные эликсиры no longer proc from the wrong abilities. Cd is added.

- Fix of ability Очищение. Now it procs correctly, when the target has debuffs.

- Fix of ability damage Живая бомба
- Fix of Щит заклинателя. Now, maximum bonus to spd can't be more than 30%.
- Fix of ability damage Живая бомба

Death Knight
- Fix of Символ темной опеки
- Fix of passive ability [/url] It will no longer spend runic power.

- Fix of Символ благословенной жизни. Now it procs only from mentioned effects and cd is added.

- Diminnishing of the ability Подлый трюк is added.
- Fix of ability Исчезновение. Now it hangs Исчезновение
- Дурманящий яд and Паралич мозга no longer sums up. Now, the higher rate is taken.
- Fix of passive ability [/url] It will no longer spend energy.

- More concrete implementation of the ability Гримуар жертвоприношения
- Fix of ability Гримуар жертвоприношения. It no longer should bug hp.
NPCs(trainers, vendors, factions, levels, flags, spawn etc.):

Dungeons and Raids:
- The system of automatic settings distribution in the different difficulties of dungeons and raids is written and implemented
- Loot drops correctly now in 40-people raids.
- Scripts of the lich king instances are transfered from our lk server. (Scripts may work not as good as at the lk servers because of the differences in cores).
- Бет'тилак will no longer get down from the web immediately at the beginning of the fight.

Icecrown Citadel
  • Fix of teleports.

  • Fix of platform.

Монастырь Шадо-Пан

  • Scripts are implemented.

Храм Нефритовой Змеи

  • Scripts are implemented.

Подземелья Могу'шан

  • Small scripts correction.

Осада храма Нюцзао

  • Scripts are implemented.

Врата Заходящего Солнца.

  • Scripts are implemented.

Подземелья Могу'шан (Inst is closed for a while).

  • The Stone Guard script is implemented.



- Several thousands of items are added.
- Traffic consumption is optimized. Now it consume thrice as less traffic.
- Spell effect work in the raids and dungeons is rewritten. Server load became lower.
- Spells and abilities should no longer be bugged.
- Pandaria Fed effects no longer sums up with the other of its type.
- Mana, energy and rage will no longer be set to zero upon change of the build.
- Fix of trainers' menu. It should remove problems.
- Fix of creation of some jewellery gems.
- Several hudreds of objects from different events which are not started yet are removed.
- System of looting upon area is added.
- Fix of aura application Раны перевязаны after using of bondages.
- Fix of visual change of the raid and dungeons difficulties when you are in raid or group.
- Fix of bug in old pre-Pandaria instances, when there was no drop except for gold.
- Monks and Warriors are no longer able to wear one-hand weapon in both hands without choosing of the appropriate specialization.
- FIx of inhabiting in Мыс Тернистой долины especially in the pirate bay and next to it.
- Pandaria elixirs effects no longer sums up with the other of its type.
- Fix of exploit with hp stacking.
- Fix of receiving information about the raid members, who are at the long distance from you.
- System of automatic npcs' settings distribution now works in the instances of expansions: bc, lk, cata
- Fix of currency exchange at vendors.
- Fix of new achievements system.
- The work with the achievement system is rewritten completely.
- Achievement and their criteria work is optimized.
- Multiple fixes connected with game event Хмельной фестиваль
- AP procs from trinkets now increase damage from weapon.
- Fix of reforge saving.
- Anti-cheat is rewritten and switched on (test version).
- Pets slots work is rewritten.
- Released pets will no longer appear after relog.
- Fix of save after reforge. It no longer should be bugged.
- Objects which disappeared recently at the Pandaria starting location were added again.
- Mount can be summoned in water now.
- Maximum limit of the mailed gold is increased now.
- Maximum limit of the auction price is increased now.
- Several thousands of missed items are added.

- Арена Тол'вир is implemented
- Fix of pvp-healing.
- Арена Тол'вир is switched on
- Pvp-healing works at the arena now.

NPCs(trainers, flags, spawn etc.):