Changelog April 2014 (5.4.2)

6-04-2015, 08:08









NPCs(trainers, vendors, factions, levels, flags, spawn etc.):






  • More accurate correction of elixirs, brews, scrolls etc.
  • Archeology points remain after relog now.
  • Pets slot system is rewritten completely, code is optimized. There should no longer be problems with pets and stables.
  • Fix of guild achievements saving
  • Guild vendors are fixed.
  • PvP strength is fixed.
  • Fix of some problems with saving of the damage from procs. For example, when the damage of the Druid's builds was changed after change of the form.
    Major efforts are made with the database and a lot of new staff was added:
  • More than hundred of missing quests are added
  • Multiple templates, NPC and game objects.
  • Localization of NPCs, GO and quests are added for all the clients
  • A lot of POI are added, i.e. a lot of POI of the quests will be displayed on the map.(If the targets won't be displayed it means, that there is another problem).
  • Creation of the items at Timeless Isle is implemented
  • Fix of random characteristic generation for a lot of items
  • Loot system according to the spec is implemented.
  • Fix of some errors which led to the client crash.
  • Fix of loot proportions at Timeless Isle.
  • Fix of displaying of information about the missed reagents
  • Timeless Isle is reinhabited completely, a lot of NPC auras and walking areas are added.
  • Isle of Giants is reinhabited completely, a lot of NPC auras and walking areas are added.
  • Gryphons are added in the pandaria locations, which will help you to fly to your body faster in case of death.
  • Fix of work of the links on professions in chat.
  • Displaying of the receipts in Guild is partially fixed.
  • Fix of 4 problems which led to the crash of a client. 132 errors
  • Fix of 3 reasons of the server crash.
  • Orgrimmar is reinhabited completely
  • The Jade Forest is reinhabited completely
  • At the reinhabited areas points of moving for NPC are added
  • Fix of work of Затерянное во времени святилище
  • Loot is added to all the NPCs which should have it
  • Fix of learning of Archeology at 22 trainers.
  • Reputation is added for killing of NPCs in pandaria locations.
  • Fix of Barber Shop
  • Fix of Timeless Isle's and Isle's of Thunder graveyards.
  • Fix of disconnection connected with the guild window.
  • Damage reduction from the resilience rating is rewritten
  • Spirit Healers at the Timeless Isle are fixed
  • Test version of the "points search" is installed (mmaps). Pets and npcs now should avoid obstacles.
  • The first part of the Pet Battles is implemented which may be considered as alpha-version. Still there is a lot to do.
  • Now also reduces amount of the absorbed damage of abilities. (for example ).
  • Cd work is stabilezed. Now, cd will be visually remained after a teleporation. Also, the talents like: no longer be reset
  • Donations - vendors are retured to Orgrimmar.
  • Fix of bg chat
  • Fix of one of the reasons of NPCs and players invisibility, maybe the only.
  • Fix of pets' pvp-strength.
  • Trainers and vendors in Orgrimmar, who were recently broken, works now.
  • Fix of the totems' and color's models.
  • Fix of the problem with freeze of the world upon openning of the guild tab.
  • A new battleground: is implemented Каньон Суровых Ветров
  • Fix of more than 5 crashes, part of which were connected with the new BG.
  • Fix of
  • Fix of
  • Fix of
  • Fix of
  • Food and Drink, which improve characteristics, no longer have scalling according to the level.
  • Deepwind Gorge Fix of capture of the flag at random bg
  • Fix of
  • Fix of
  • Fix of
  • Fix of teleport to Thunder Isle

Dungeons and Raids:
  • Р Challenge Mode is implemented and launched for test. Rewards are switched off. After all the tests and fixes, ratings will be reset.
  • Fix of completion and giving out of rewards in the LFR system.

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