Changelog May 2014 (5.4.2)

6-04-2015, 08:10



Death Knight






  • Counting of scaling of healing and damage from SPD and AP is rewritten completely.
  • SPD influence on some healing spells which shouldn't be dependent on it is removed
  • Work of the procs connected with aura modifiers is rewritten
  • Influence of respawn and absorption on most of the spells which shouldn't be influenced is fixed
  • Now, trinkets auras (463+ Ilvl) will be giving correct characteristics bonus.
  • Now, two-handed weapon will give correct bonus to pvp strength
  • The reason of bug, when it was impossible to cast after dismounting is eliminated.
  • Fix of possible reason of bugs with the pets.
  • Some corrections of Остров Завоеваний are made. Battleground is switched on again.
  • Now, mastery influences accuracy of spells.
  • Dependency of spells from characteristics is rewritten completely.
  • Master-loot is fixed.
  • Fix of pets. Pets' panels and names should be returned.
  • Auras like will also change melee and ranged haste now
  • Damage and healing memory of dots is rewritten completely.
  • Displaying and updating of the information about damage and healing for many types of auras and dots are fixed.
  • Pvp-strength effects of two-handed weapon no longer stack.
  • Fix of absorbing abilities like Слово силы: Щит. Now, upon receiving damage, amount of remained absorption is renewed.
  • Fix of raid frames remaining.
  • Fix of abilities, connected with walking on water.
  • Klaxxi returned to Dread Wastes.
  • Exchage of Очков справедливости onОчки чести and vice versa is implemented.
    The reason of bug with professions after reset is eliminated.
  • From now, pvp-strength will influence abilities which restore a definite amount of hp (such as or
  • Players are no longer able to enter high-level maps at the low level.
  • Absorption effects applying is corrected.
  • Periodic healing and damage effects are corrected.
  • Fix of bug with double influence of pvp-strength on some abilities. (for example ).
  • System of item level reduction at battlegrounds and arenas, and also challengesis implemented.
  • Challenge mode is implemented! You may write about the found bugs in the bug-tracker.
  • Some corrections in the system of item level reduction.
  • Parry bonus from strength is rewritten.
  • Work of LFG and LFR is rewritten completely.(The system of looking for companions) You may write about the found bugs in the bug-tracker.
  • From now, the effects, giving percent bonus to ap are multiplied but not summed up. (for example and
  • Fix of queue displaying in LFR and LFG.
  • Fix of reward for completion of LFR and LFG, reputation, experience, gold, currency.


Battlegrounds and Arenas:

  • Some corrections, connected with the battle statistic.
  • Fix of Оглушение work at arena

Два Пика

  • Now, battle duration is 20 mins instead of 25.
  • Now, debuffs are removed correctly upon delivering a flag.
  • Texts and localisations to them are added.
  • Problem with constant draw is fixed.
  • Displaying of flags at the map is added.

Ущелье песни войны

World Bosses:

Dungeons and Raids:
Престол Гроз


NPCs(trainers, vendors, factions, levels, flags, spawn etc.):