Changelog June 2014 (5.4.2)

6-04-2015, 08:11
Death Knight:
  • death rune cost has been fixed.
  • Runic Power CD system and its dependence on haste rating – fixed.
  • Some issues with runes bugging out have been fixed.
  • Created death runes will disappear within 30 seconds after leaving combat.









  • Damage calculation of several AoE abilities has been fixed.
  • Experience gained from mobs in locations which require to be higher than level 60 – fixed.
  • Pets and NPCs’ critical hit chance has been fixed in all dungeons and raids.
  • effect has been reworked.
  • Issue with crowd control effects causing your character to have movement difficulties – fixed.
  • Ladder, х100 has been fixed.
  • Calculation of experience required per level – fixed.
  • Autoloot has been applied to deposits and herbs.
  • Implementation of, goblins’ starting location has been finished. Numerous fixes have been applied to a lot of quests. Their mechanic and workability have been reworked. From now on, this location will be more interesting to level in.
  • Numerous fixes have been applied to in-game event.
  • Achievements’ progress state display has been fixed.
  • Spells that break upon taking damage (fear, stun, root and so on) have been reworked.
  • 7 crash reasons which caused the server to shut down – fixed.

  • It's now possible to choose battlegrounds you want to queue and ban the others.
  • Boss spawn has been fixed.
  • Confusion with southern and eastern horde gates – fixed.
  • Gate height has been fixed.
  • Text that warns you that the bg is about to start - fixed. If anyone has other texts from this bg, pm me, I will add them.
  • Mine carts’ movement speed has been fixed. Now they move faster.
  • Coordinates of one of the mine carts have been fixed. It won’t spin in circles.
  • Protecting a mine cart will give your team 1 point instead of 10.
  • Following chest buffs have been added: berserking, regeneration and movement speed.
  • Mine cart’s capture status will no longer have neutral line.
  • Now you will get 3, 4, 5 sphere points instead of 5, 10, 20.
  • Texts have been added.
  • If you use abilities which make you immune or invisible you will drop the sphere.
  • Sphere colors have been fixed. Every sphere is located in its correct spot now.
  • Berserking buff has been added.
  • Sphere debuffs stack now.
  • Maximum amount of players is limited to 10 instead of 15.
  • Every graveyard location has been fixed.
  • Every Spirit Healer location has been fixed.
  • From now on, captured bases are being correctly displayed on the map. All confusions have been removed.
  • You can no longer click on the flags that are already being captured.

  • "Shadow Sight" appears after a while.

Dungeons and Raids:
  • Script has been reworked.



NPCs (trainers, vendors, factions, levels, flags, spawns and so on):