Changelog September 2014 (5.4.x)

6-04-2015, 09:58




Death Knight:







  • Over time effects’ duration calculation mechanic has been reworked. Haste rating now influences those effects properly.
  • Bonus healing aura effects have been fixed (for example,
  • Bosses’ armor value has been increased.
  • Implementation of Pandaren starting zone has been finished - Numerous mechanic and quest fixes have been applied. From now on, this location will be more interesting to level in.
  • More than 12 crash reasons have been fixed.
  • Experience gained on x1 realm while being in a guild is now x1 instead of x0.25.
  • Guild experience cap has been removed.
  • Several pet bars have been fixed (mind control and other).
  • Totem icon display has been fixed.
  • Glyph mechanic has been reworked. Now they will affect several items and spells’ visuals properly.
  • HP bar display has been fixed. Absorb effects will be shown properly now.
  • Several corrections have been applied to magic display Корректировка отображения Магического лечения в характеристиках персонажа.
  • Issue with totem and pet dismiss button not working – fixed.
  • Stormwind-Ironforge deeprun tram has been fixed.
  • Several fixes have been applied to stealth effects.
  • Pet mechanic has been reworked. Now they can cast spells and attack in melee range simultaneously.
  • Battle pets’ list has been fixed (previously, it didn’t show all the companions that you can summon after getting a new one).
  • Character size while having some visual effects on has been fixed. For example,
  • Due to the fact that there are 540 items in the game, the administration have decided to increase base resilience value up to 77% and up to 60%.
  • effect now will always be applied to the players on Arena or Rated Battleground.
  • Issue with not working at 99% - fixed.
  • Issue with mobs evading stuff – fixed.
  • All pets, guardians and summoned creatures have been reworked. Their stats are almost blizzlike.
  • Several workability corrections have been applied to autocast system for pets, guardians and summoned creatures.
  • Several mechanisms have been added to improve pet scripts and mob summon.
  • Autocast is currently disabled (too much old information in the data causing cast troubles).
  • New AI system has been implemented for uncontrollable pets.
  • NPCs’ haste rating now affects their attack speed.
  • Battle pets are still being implemented. Several corrections have been made.
  • Several stat corrections have been applied to the pets which previously were skipped.
  • Several calculation changes have been applied to some spells’ crit chance. Those spells didn’t have any critical hits before.
  • Bleeding effects’ system has been fixed. Armor reduction mechanic has been reworked.
  • Possible issue which used to cause lags in game while being in very populated places (raids, Stormwind or Orgrimmar raids).
  • Resource regeneration system has been implemented (mana, energy and so on). It’s blizzlike now.
  • HP regeneration while being out of combat is limited to 1% per second (used to be 1.5%).
  • More energy resources have been corrected (Chi and Holy).
  • NPCs will no longer have immune to such abilities as
  • Energy initialization system has been reworked. From now on, after changing between specializations your energy resources will work right away.
  • Resource regeneration system has been reworked and optimized for the second time.
  • Real Proc Per Minute (RPPM) new proc system has been implemented. Several changes have been applied to 5.4.x patch.
  • Several corrections have been applied to some spells’ crit chance (for example,
  • PvP Power will no longer work in dungeons.
  • Slow cast effects now reduce the target’s casting speed by 10% instead of 25% if applied to a player. 5.4.2 Hotfix.
  • Pet and mob’s resource regeneration system has been reworked. Now it’s being affected by their haste rating.
  • New area of effect technology has been implemented CreateAreaTrigger(AreaTrg) update 29.09: It’s temporarily disabled due to the core freezes.
  • AoE new visual mechanic has been implemented. Several NPCs’ effects have been corrected. Now your AoE abilities will be red for enemies and green for allies. The same goes for druid’s mushrooms.


  • Boss spawn confusion has been fixed.

Dungeons and Raids:


  • ”Firelands’ hatchery” exit which is located in Mount Hyjal has been fixed.
  • Alliance and Horde’s fortresses have been added to As far as I know, they are to appear after some quest chains. If anyone will give any deeper details, I will try to implement it.
  • Several textures have been added on Isle of Thunder.
  • Several corrections have been applied to
  • movement speed has been fixed.



NPCs (trainers, vendors, factions, levels, flags, spawns and so on):