Changelog December 2014

6-04-2015, 10:01

  • Corrections of the channelling abilities bugs are made
  • Fix of bug, when the haste from auras was added twice. (for example, when gave twice as more haste upon proc)
  • Fix of bug, when the right hand and the left hand speed attacks were different despite of having the weapons with the identical speed.
  • Now, increasing the attack speed auras are multiplied but not summed up..
  • Amount of the basic battle resources (mana, energy etc.) upon death is fixed. It's not spent now
  • Fix of spend and restoration of the npcs' and vehicles' energy.
  • Fix of spd influence on the some spells' phisical damage. (for example ).
  • Fix of the invisibility detection distance.
  • Additional fix of the energy regeneration (improves the demon rage work)



Battle Pets:
  • - dynamic battlepets' stats generation is implemented
  • - battle slots work is implemented (only 1 !)
  • - the initial fight phases and the fight itslef are implemented (pet in the slot mat fight against so called wild pets which are standing in the world under the green "paws")
  • - setting up and saving of the second pair of abilities for each of three abilities are implemented
  • - small fixes of the lof, slots, saving structure
  • - the work on unbinding of pets from spells is started (it will help to train more than 1 battlepet)
  • spells damage couniting is implemented
  • damage modifiers are implemented (strong/weak hits)
  • critical hits conditions are implemented
  • choice of the random stat of the wild pets is implemented
  • fix of the wild battle pet's level displaying
  • small cosmetic corrections and fixes of the interface and log
  • from now, the stats of the pet from cage are generated according to the stats before putting it into the cage
  • correct transition of the level from the pet cliche to the battle pet.
  • all the possible problems with the locked first slot are fixed



Dungeons and Raids:
Логово Крыла Тьмы
  • Settlement correction.
  • Scripts correction.

Крепость Барадин
  • Settlement correction.
  • Scripts correction.

Престол Гроз
Огненные Просторы

Мертвые копи

Огненные Просторы:

Подземелья Могу'шан
  • Элегон should no longer fall into textures after the death.

Душа дракона:
  • corrections of the event start at the top of Wyrmrest Temple


  • Fix of the plates destruction at the back.

Логово Ониксии:

  • Fix of ability to change the difficulty of the raid instance to 10/25.