Changelog January 2015

6-04-2015, 10:02

  • Glyph animation corrections 123779







Dungeons and Raids:
Трон приливов

Джин'до Низвергатель Богов
  • Fix of event with breaking of chains.
  • The boss no longer flies after disappearing.

Крепость Бурь
Кель'тас Солнечный Скиталец
  • Abilities spam of the arms is removed.

Аукенайские гробницы
Ширрак Страж Мертвых
  • Fix of the items drop.

  • Time-run final event is emplemented.

Осада Оргриммара:
  • Valor points are given now for the kill of the boss.

Ша Гордыни:

The Fallen Protectors:

Слиянии скверны:
  • Berserk work is fixed.
  • Several exploits are eliminated.

Чертоги Камня:


Душа дракона:

  • Scripts correction.

Крепость Драк'Тарон:
  • Scripts correction.

  • The main exit is fixed.



Око вечности:
  • Russian localization is added.
  • Chest spawn is fixed.
  • Fix of ability to loot chest from vehicle.
  • Chest loot is fixed.

  • Fix of the gates opening before the last boss in heroic mode.

Испытание чемпиона

  • A lot of scripts fixes are made. It's possible to walk through dungeon.

Залы Отражений:

  • Fix of bug with double launch of the last event, pursuing of the Lich King.
  • Fix of bug, when the last event, pursuing of the Lich King could be launched in advance.
  • Jaina/Sylvanas' walking speed is partially reduced at the last event.
  • Fix of bug, when the ice wall didn't disappear after destruction.
  • Fix of bug, when Risen Witch Doctor didn't run after Jaina/Sylvanas after spawn.
  • Fix of the achievement receiving Залы Отражений (героич.)

Рубинове святилище:

  • Settlement is renewed.
  • A lot of scripts fixes are made. It's possible to walk through dungeon now.

Затонувший храм:
  • Fix of entrance to the dangeoun.
  • Settlement is renewed.
  • Fix of boss loot

Логово Ониксии:
  • Fix of bug, when the walls appeared upon breaking the eggs.

Черные топи:

  • New portals timer isn't reset after the 7th wave.

2 new mounts are added to vendors:

  • Auto-attack abilities will no longer be bugged.
  • The system of searching of the pets' path upon following is rewritten
  • The system of searching of the point next to the owner is rewritten
  • Fix of the beginning of attack for some pets (didn't want to attack)
  • Fix of bugging of the casting pets running away (the mage's copies)
  • The system of the pet's following the owner
  • Void Tendrils are rewritten
  • Mage clones' work is corrected
  • Fix of Сюэня, Белого Тигра' spells
  • Fix of Shadowfiend's attacks and Подчиняющий разум
  • Pet's aggression upon attack is corrected
  • Fix of bug, when pets could attack friendly targets
  • Fix of pets' spells initialization
  • Fix of Xuen's work in the brewer spec
  • Shaman's pets work is rewritten completely (wolves, elementals)
  • A possible fix of bug, when the shaman's pets appeared dead
  • Fix of some pets' energy (Shaman's pets should have mana)
  • The system of pets initialization, their saving and removing is rewritten
  • The system of the pets' dislocation around the owner is implemented (from now, one pet will stay on the left side and if there are a lot of them, they will stay behind you)
  • Fix of the problems with the pet's settings saving
  • Fix of bug with dead pets summoning
  • The spell autocast system is implemented. These spells should be activated only in some particular cases (dispell, charge to the target, aoe spells etc.)
  • Fix of bug with delaying of the spells casting after the last update
  • Some corrections of the pet's stats counting according to the owner's stats
  • A check of the spawn point for pet is added to avoid falling into textures
  • Priest's pets work is rewritten
  • Fix of haste's influence to the pet's abilities.
  • Additional defence from falling of pets into textures
  • Support totems casting mechanics is rewritten
  • Fix of shaman wolves' hp displaying
  • Fix of basic hp percent of the hunters' pets
  • Priest's pets mana regeneration is corrected
  • Fix of Ужасный зверь' threat and attack

  • Fix of achievements receiving at appropriate difficulties. i.e. heroic achievements can be received in heroic mode only but not in normal.
  • Fix of the flying vehicles flight.
  • It's possible to find the enemies which are under the influence of the following abilities: Невидимость using aoe abilities.
  • Fix of bug, when a character was thrown to a random place after teleportation on vehicle.
  • Some corrections connected with the moving effects like рывка, When a character displayed not at the place he really was.
  • Packet of the guild achievements is implemented.
  • Fix of bug, when npc died because of a huge amount of hp.
  • Fix of block of the button "Release spirit", during the boss battle.
  • Fix of double loot bug upon manipulations with master loot
  • Pets' walking system is rewritten
  • Fix of lags upon fear (small teleportations)
  • Fix of lags upon disorientation(small teleportations)
  • Fix of problems with Mind Control
  • Fix of haste influence on the energy regeneration(rogues and hunters passive abilities etc)
  • Pets are no longer obliged to go to geodata
  • In 5-people dungeons the amount of drops from every boss is reduced from 2 to 1 item.
  • Fix of several crashes
  • System of spells' spheres reset from casting is rewritten


Battle Pets:
  • Bliz-like experience rates are added. Leveling is available to the maximum lvl.
  • Choice of the pet's level is added according to the location where it is situated
  • Recounting of the stats after level-up is implemented.
  • Small system corrections