Changelog January 2016

1-02-2016, 19:28
  • A new system of NPCs’ damage counting has been introduced. Rate of damage should be closer to the official rates.
  • Fix of problem, when basic pets’ damage had different values
  • Fix of recent bug, when some spells had problems with finding the point (they hit textures)
  • Fix of 6 crashes
  • Fix of pets’ speed of following (still need some more information for correcting)
  • Fix of bug, when players didn’t see each other if they had entered an instance earlier than raid leader.
  • Fix of presence of loot if the player who taunted a mob first left a group.
  • Fix of bug when loot wasn’t given to players when raid leader left a raid group after killing a boss.
  • To reduce a load of the capital cities an auction in Dalaran has been fixed, portal to sanctuaries and some other cities has been installed in The Violet Hold. Also in The Purple Parlor an innkeeper has been put, and also forge, transmogrificator, value exchange and other
  • Pet’s following has been repaired.
  • Fix of bug, when pet continued to run to a target after clicking a «follow» command if you were in combat.
  • Fix of bug, when minions (for example demonologist’s imp) fell under the ground after summoning.
  • Fix of bug, when after a death of a target, pet ran to a target’s spawn point (For example at BG).
  • Ordos: the zone of excluding of characters that hadn’t complete quest chain for a cloak has been reduced. Also, check of presence of a cloak in bag or on character has been added..

Dungeons and raids:
  • Icecrown Citadel:
  • Fix of mobs’ behavior before the first boss (+ mini events)
  • Fix of event –speech in the beginning of the instance
  • Most of texts have been translated into Russian

Mogu'shan Vaults:
Will of the emperor:

Dragon Soul:
  • Madness of Deathwing can be bitten upon wings. The boss has been switched on.

Heart of Fear:
  • All the phases and abilities have been added

Heart of Fear:
  • All the phases and abilities have been added.