Changelog August 2012

6-04-2015, 12:07


Death Knight:
- is now affected by dk's haste rating.
- target selection has been fixed.
- healing effect has been increased.

- Sanctified Wrath has been corrected. With wings up you ignore some absorb effects and so on...
- Sanctified Retribution has been implemented. You gain bonus damage from all auras now.
- Spiritual Attunement has been implemented.
- Improved Devotion Aura has been implemented.

- has been corrected. The last tick has been fixed.

- Trinket and weapon change issues with have been fixed.

- talent has been fixed.

- Tidal Force spell has been corrected.
- Elemental Fury talent has been corrected.
- Earthen Power talent has been corrected.

- Issue with affecting combo point stacks - fixed.
- NPC target selection has been corrected.
- and can take flags now.

Anti-cheat, geodata:
- Issue with dismounting from machines and vehicles when trying to use them - fixed.
- Issue with Fear causing you to fall through the textures has been fixed.
- Movements under disorientation effects have been corrected.
- New geodata.
- Pet and mob pathing (no longer walk through the textures).

BGs, arenas:
- Issue with ships disappearing in some bgs has been fixed.
- Some battleground teleports have been fixed.
- Issue with battlegrounds causing players to die and teleport them if they leave while mounted.

- Bosses' workability has been corrected.

Icecrown Citadel:
- Blood Mirror applied by has been fixed.
- Bone Spike Graveyard applied by should no longer throw you out to the textures.
- Issues with Ice Tombs applied by have been fixed.

Ruby Sanctum:
- now properly uses while moving.
- now properly stacks
- flight phase has been fixed.
- It's possible to interrupt some spells in Ruby Sanctum now.



- Database has been optimized last week. It no longer matters how many characters database has, it doesn't affect the server diff which used to cause some in-game lags.
- We won't delete any inactive characters at all anymore. It doesn't matter how long ago you logged into the game.
- Character restoration system has been reworked as well. You can now restore characters that were deleted by you.
- You can no longer Charge through the textures.


- .aptime command has been added so that you can check when the next arena point flush is going to happen.
- Issue with Charge calculation and some other geodata errors have been fixed.
- Issue with hunter traps disappearing - fixed.


- A few minor changes concerning FUN realm vendors: reagents, items and etc. have been added.

- New core have been installed on х1, х30, х75, х100 and х115 realms.
- Fear and DoT effects have been corrected.
- Some server crash issues have been resolved.
- Primordial Saronite has been added. Its cost has been changed to 60 Emblems of Frost (to make it more relevant). On x1 realm it costs 23 Emblems of Frost.



- Ashen Verdict rings have been added to the ICC vendors. You can purchase them for Emblems of Frost.


Control panel:
- You can now see the e-mail which your account is attached to.
- You can now see whether you were muted or banned, including the reason and ban period. In addition, you will be able to see GM's nickname who muted/banned you.
- You can now see whether you account was locked on to your IP or not.

- 5 server crash reasons have been resolved.
- Stack system workability of several spells has been corrected.
- Issue with nickname display and the ability to type in chat after being AFK for too long - fixed.
- Minor core optimization to increase its perfomance.
- Several corrections have been applied to Gladius workability while using arena spectator (it will come into force after server restart).
- x100 realm's new geodata will be disabled to compare its efficiency with the old one (it will come into force after server restart).


- If you lost your Ensorcelled Chokers you can get them back from:


- Issue with your pet having 1 hp left after you mount up - fixed.
- Warlock pet stats will be renewed every time when they summon a new one.
- Issue with hunter pets disappearing from stables - fixed.
- Issue with stacks fading upon taking damage - fixed. You will no longer lose your stacks as long as you absorb the incoming damage.
- item has been slightly corrected.
- Issue when you could heal Valithria without starting the event - fixed.
- The Light of Dawn quest restart has been fixed.
- 3 server crash reasons have been resolved.
- We will disable some geodata fixes on x100 realm at night (we are going to test its workability).


- Another solution to Valithria's heal bug.
- Tentative fix of Sindragosa's target selection and Ice Tomb.
- х100 new geodata has been restored.
- Today's 4 server crash reasons have been fixed.
- You can no longer apply Faerie Fire to the targets which are being cc'd by cyclone.




- Some corrections have been applied to Valithria.
- Saurfang's bug has been fixed.
- Slice and Dice will no longer put rogues in combat state.
- 69240 should inflict to the far side instead of a random target.
- Another Gargoyle's target selection fix.


- We have disabled some features that were added recently on x125 realm.
- Issue with machines, quest flights, battleground cannons and etc. causing your character to stuck - fixed.


- х125 features have been restored after some tests.
- Auras that increase stats have been corrected.

- workability has been fixed, namely GCD.
- workability has been fixed. It will redirect one spell properly which will destroy the totem. Issue with Grounding Totem not disappearing after the spell was redirected - fixed.
- Death Knight pet bonus stats gained from buffs - corrected.

- has been added to the game.
-, item procs have been fixed. The same goes for similar Horde trinkets.
- Minor anti-cheat reworks (issue with flights has been partly fixed).
- Another Valithria's heal bug has been fixed.


- Improved Unholy Presence talent workability has been fixed, namely Runic Power generation speed.


- dk talent target selection has been fixed.
- hunter ability has been fixed.
- Windfury Weapon shaman talent has been fixed. у шаманов. А именно . проки в абсорб, частота прока.
- Burning Determination mage talent has been fixed.
- Improved Concentration Aura talent has been fixed.


- Now every pet has the same percentage of hit rating as their owners.
- Issue with Succubus sometimes having troubles to cast successfully - fixed.
- Improved Succubus warlock talent has been corrected.
- immuna mask has been corrected.

Death Knight:
- Rune Strike has been fixed. It won't fade when using other abilities.
- Magic Suppression talent workability has been fixed.

- Honor Among Thieves talent workability has been fixed.
- Cheat Death talent workability has been fixed. It will reduce damage taken properly now.
- Glyph of Backstab has been fixed.



- Fingers of Frost talent has been fixed. It won't fade when using fire or arcane spells.

Death Knight:
- Corpse Explosion target selection has been fixed.



- Corpse Explosion damage has been corrected.
- Raise Dead spell workability has been corrected.
- Character restore system has been restored.