Changelog September 2012

6-04-2015, 12:08
General bugs:
- Pet auto-cast has been fixed.
- Mind Control bug has been fixed.
- Pet spells' workability after interruption has been implemented.

- has been fixed.

- Valithria has been fully reworked.
- Saviana's Flame Beacon and other spells have been fixed in Ruby Sanctum.
- Issue with hit rating in different battlegrounds have been fixed.
- Arenas and battlegrounds' workability has been reworked on FUN realm.



General bugs:
- Succubus seduction cast has been fixed.
- "Corpse Explosion" damage has been slightly increased.
- From now on, pet keeps 40 energy even if "Claw" ability is on auto-cast.
- You can transfer your Ethereal Credits via your account with the help of Donation NPC now.
- Character restore system has been restored on x125 realm.




- About 10 server crash reasons have been fixed.
- Backup algorithm at night has been changed. There should be no lags and crashes during that time (disconnects or restatrs in order to update the core are possible, but before that the realm saves all the changes).
- x100 realm crash reasons have been fixed, uptime should be increased.

- Ethereal Credit calculation when transferring has been fixed. It takes the correct percentage now.


- On the "workers" request, the Lich King's frostmourne room has been disabled.
- Issue with hunter Misdirection bugging out - fixed.
- Issue with Ruby Sanctum causing your client to crash after exiting the instance - fixed (Исправлен краш при выходе из РС (twilight realm portal has been fixed as well).
- Lana'thel crash has been fixed.
- One of the totem crashes has been fixed.
- Saurfang crash has been fixed.
- Grounding Totem can now absorb two spells at the same time.
- Gargoyle cast speed has been fixed.


Quests: can be restored if lost.
Lok'lira's Bargain
- Issue with airships knocking players away - fixed.


- Issue with Fear has been fixed.
- About 5 server crash reasons have been fixed.
- The core has been slightly stabilized which increased uptime for all realms.
- A new core has been installed on x125 realm, waiting for performance results.
- Issue with Sindragosa's tombs not taking damage - fixed.


- Pet critical strike rating calculation has been changed.
- Resilience has been slightly corrected.



- Anti-cheat workability has been changed (several corrections have been applied to charge spells and slowing effects).
- "Death Grip" workability has been fixed.
- "Death Grip" can be reflected now.
- Numerous fixes have been applied to arena workability (FUN).
- Anti-spam system has been improved.
- About 10 different server crash reasons have been fixed.
- Mirror Image workability has been fixed (they should attack mage target).
- 2 core lag reasons have been fixed.

- Issues with broken cc have been fixed.
- "Death Grip" draw time has been increased.
- "Haunt" heals upon reapplying it.
- Anti-cheat errors have been fixed. Its workability has been corrected.
- You should no longer get nailed down to the ground when jumping.
- Jumping out of the water will no longer kill you.
- "Disengage" should no longer knock you away.

- Issue with nicknames being "Unknown" after character restoration - fixed.
- Several crash reasons have been fixed.
- Database cleaning algorithm has been changed. It should no longer cause any lags.
- "Shadowmeld" has been corrected.
- Gargoyle haste rating will no longer scale from DK's haste.