Changelog December 2012

6-04-2015, 12:11
- Gargoyle haste scale has been fixed, GCD has been changed.
- Lifebloom has been corrected.
- Issues with rogue stealth bugging out due to priest shield - fixed.

- "Shield Slam" calculation formula has been fixed.
- "Comet's Trail" item workability has been fixed.
- Lifebloom has been corrected.
- "Glyph of Blocking" workability has been fixed.
- Issue with HoT effect proc bugging out - fixed.
- "Demonic Aegis" workability has been fixed.


- Issue with pet talents not being able to reset - fixed.
- Feral Charge - Cat ability has been fixed. It puts the druid in front of enemy's back now.
- trinket proc has been corrected.

- "Wandering Plague" calculation has been changed.
- Several server crash reasons have been fixed.
- Razorscale mechanic has been reworked.

- "Razorscale" has been reworked.
- "Animal Handler" talent has been fixed.
- "Hunter vs. Wild" talent has been fixed.
- Bauble cooldown has been fixed when entering an arena match.
- "Righteous Vengeance" is no longer affected by Attack Power.
- "Wandering Plague" is no longer affected by anything.

- Private chat system has been reworked. In other words, you can still chat with your friends even when being in arena or battleground (guild chat will be implemented a bit later.
- Friend list system has been reworked. Characters remain online even when entering cross arena and bg realm.
- Issue with pets having other pets' random abilities - fixed.
- Arena and battleground achievements should have been fixed. From now on, you should be able to get achievement items from your mailbox.
- "Strand of the Ancients" trial fix (issue that causes players to go invisible).
- "Fast start" crystal has been added to arenas. If both teams are ready you can start your arena match a bit faster.
- Several issues when entering arenas and battlegrounds should have been fixed.
- Spectator NPC has been enabled, now it's cross-realm.
- Skirmish has been fixed.

- "Tiny Abomination in a Jar" procs have been corrected.
- "Dalaran Arena" has been enabled.
- You can use mounts in Dalaran Arena now.
- Issue with pets staying in the tube of Dalaran Arena - fixed.

- Issue with the game client crashing when logging in - fixed.
- Shadowmourne proc chance has been changed.
- 1 server crash reason has been fixed.

- Issue with 2 stacks of "Fingers of Frost" - fixed.
- and Rampage no longer stack crit chance.

Quests and quest NPCs: (H) (A)

- Small changes have been applied to Shadowmourne proc.
- Corrections have been applied to Ulduar bosses (Ignis mechanic, XT002 heart).
- Shaman can no longer knock away Warrior in Bladestorm.
- Issue with arena teams has been fixed. You can no longer disband a team in the middle of the fight.

- Issues with mobs, characters and pets' movements when being on a ship - fixed (do not mistake them for airships).
- Issue with spells hitting GO objects, machines and vehicles of different kinds (damage dealt to Ulduar towers, gates in battlegrounds - fixed).
- Issue with 2 stacks of "Fingers of Frost" - fixed.
- Ships' workability has been correctly implemented in "Isle of Conquest".
- Ship teleports have been fixed in "Isle of Conquest"

- ICC Gunship Battle scripts implementation has been finished.
- "Thunderstorm" reflect issue has been fixed.
- Mirror Image target selection has been fixed.
- "Tiny Abomination in a Jar" procs have been corrected.
- Iron Council loot has been fixed. The following achievements have been added: (10/25) and (10/25)

- Isle of Conquest bosses have been corrected.
- Issue with ICC Gunship Battle mobs bugging out - fixed.

- Issue with Gunship Battle causing your game client to freeze - fixed.
- New boss has been added for the New Year event.
- Ethereal Credit requirements for discounted donation items - fixed.
- Anti-cheat workability has been reworked.
- Issue with items disappearing when entering a battleground or an arena match - fixed.

- Issue with Honor Points resetting when reaching 75k - fixed.
- Corrections have been applied to the new boss.
- WPE is no longer banable.

- Gargoyle and Mirror Image's target selection has been reworked.
- Issue with Gargoyle staying in DK's melee zone - fixed.
- When DK switches targets, his Gargoyle does the same now.
- Several server crash reasons have been fixed.

- Tiny Abomination in a Jar should release its stacks, dealing 50% of your weapon damage.
- Several item stacks have been changed to make their use more convenient (from 20 to 200).

- Resilience calculations have been changed.

- Resilience has been corrected.
- Yogg-Saron script has been added.
- Several corrections have been applied to event boss's workability.