Changelog February 2013

6-04-2015, 12:12
Trap proc time has been increased.
Silencing Shot GCD has been removed.
Unholy Blight has been fixed.
Deterrence fix attempt. Still needs to be tested.
Gargoyle follows the target if it's out of LoS.
DoT system is being reworked. Damage over time effect should be calculated when applied, not when it ticks.

Following item enchantments have been added to Wintergrasp's quartermasters:

Eyes of the Beast has been fixed.
Issue with Knock Back effect affecting rooted targets - fixed. The same goes for Death Grip.
Grounding Totem can absorb traps now.
Issue with trap not activating out of combat - fixed.
Resilince is being nerfed for rmp.
Guarded by the Light proc has been fixed.
Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption procs have been fixed..
Scourge Strike shadow damage through shields - fixed.
Drain Soul has been fixed. For example, when completing Dwarfageddon quest you will be able to see how many gnomes were killed (only if you track the achievement).
Immune effects have been removed from all faction champions on every dungeon difficulty.
Lady Deathwhisper - adds (Cult Fanatic and Cult Adherent) are now cc-able on every dungeon difficulty. They no longer use sacrifice during the 2nd phase.

Professor Putricide - Oozes' script has been reworked and finished. Target selection timer has been increased for 6 seconds, movement speed has been reduced. Moreover, tanks will no longer be chased and targeted by an ooze. Red ooze's spells have been implemented ( Gaseous Bloat and explosion).
Iron Council - Stormcaller Brundir script corrections have been made. He no longer casts while moving. In addition, his Lightning Tendrils fade after the fly event on 25-man mode.
The following achievements have been fixed:

Professor Putricide - issue with Mutated Abomination having two auras has been fixed.
Issue with Val'kyr Twins bugging out and dying - fixed.
Kologarn - script has been almost fully reworked. Arms' workability and animation have been correctly implemented. Eye beam has been implemented. Numerous mechanic fixes have been applied.
The following achievements have been fixed:
Chaos Bolt ignores fire resist effects now.
In order to pull the boss you have to kill Leviathan (note that I'm not the one who came up with this idea). The boss has 25-meter aggro radius, so I advise you not to rush the hall where he is.

We began to improve warden system for cross-realm.