Changelog April 2013

6-04-2015, 12:14
Icecrown Citadel:
Blood Council - kinetic bombs have been implemented.

Mimiron - small mechanic corrections have been made. In addition, he won't fall apart during the 4th phase if you destroy one of his parts.
Laser Barrage has been implemented only for the 2nd phase as for now. During the 4th phase the animation is incorrect and we disabled the ability, though we will implement it in the future.

Trial of the Crusader:
Anub'arak - underground phase has been fixed.
Thorim - berserk has been fixed.
Freya - the chest will always appear behind.
Hodir - icicle fall timer has been increased.
General Vezax - shadow crash timer has been increased.

- "Raise Ally" has been fixed.
- Vanish resets aggro now.
- "Mana Tide Totem" mana regen through the textures has been fixed.
- Several corrections have been applied to "Summon Water Elemental" workability. It should work properly now even if your pet is dead and you are trying to summon a new one.
- Eating exploit has been fixed. You can no longer eat while running.
- "Ice Block" now removes "Hunter's Mark" and "Faerie Fire".
- You can no longer buff, shield or heal shaman totems.
- "Titanium Seal of Dalaran" item has been fixed.

- "Haunt" heal from critical hit has been fixed.
- "Death and decay" crit chance has been fixed.
- Rogue T10 2P proc has been corrected.
- Rogue T10 4P proc has been fixed.
- "Shatter Barrier" proccing from dispel has been fixed.

- Issue with AoE spells hitting Mage invisibility - fixed.
- Issue with "Infusion of Light" proc having some troubles when using it on allied targets - fixed.

Death Knight:
- has been fixed. It no longer attacks while feared.
- has been fixed. Upon interrupting Gargoyle's casts you now lock its magic school for a few seconds.

- pet bar has been fixed.
- Small stat corrections have been applied to

- Earthliving Weapon spell has been corrected. It also procs from Earth Shield now.
- Several corrections have been applied to Earth Shield spell calculation.

- From now on, imp will get 15% spell power damage from its owner. It won't get more spell power as it was previously.


- Resist effects will no longer affect holy spells.

- Cobra Strikes talent has been reworked.

Death Knight:
- Necrosis talent has been fixed. Now it procs from Rune Strike.
- Blood-Caked Blade talent has been fixed. Now it procs from Rune Strike.

- You can Vanish spells now. You can avoid channeling spells as well as those which were casted on you.
- You can no longer use Hand of Freedom while being cc'd by Cyclone

Trial of the Crusader:
Faction champions: rogue script has been slightly reworked, vanish has been removed.
Yogg-Saron: numerous mechanic, phase and spell fixes have been made. Keepers and their abilities have been implemented. The door which leads to Vezax has been installed (you need to kill all four keepers to open it). And yet the boss is still in its beta test state.
Following achievements have been fixed: - is disabled until its full implementation.


Following anti-cheat issues have been fixed:
- dying in the caves.
- dying from nitro boosts.
- dying from levitation.
- jumping in the water leads to teleportation to the bottom.
- aquatic form shapeshift issue.
- and other minor anti-cheat calculation bugs.

- Several crash reasons have been eliminated.

Ancient Gate of the Keepers - correctly opens after the death of all four keepers. It will no longer bug out in case the server restarts.
Yogg-Saron - small script corrections have been made. For example, during the 3rd phase the boss has 30% hp. Brain's ability has been fixed, therefore I advise you not to stay in Brain's Room more than 60 seconds.
Summon of unknown friendly NPCs has been removed.
One Light in the Darkness achievement scripts have been fixed.

Yogg-Saron: issues with loot and achievements have been fixed. Small mechanic corrections have been made, they came into force already (today's morning). May not work due to the fact that the server hasn't been restarted yet.

Following achievements have been fixed:

P.S. For the time being, won't be available, because we haven't finished working on Yogg-Saron implementation. There is no point in this achievement without full implementation.