Changelog June 2013

6-04-2015, 12:15
Halion - script is rewritten, all the phases and abilities are implemented, the boss is available at the beginning now, but after finding and eliminating of the bugs, event with the bosses will be rewritten.

Halion - Corporeality is rewritten - now, despite of difference in damage, corporeality changes by 10% anyway. At the beginning of the 3rd phase it always equal 50%. A problem with the surrounding GO is fixed. HM is implemented: pudles have greater radius and are visible in all the realities. Also, in shadow reality there are 2 pairs of spheres. A flame elemental appears from the point of the meteor landing in 25hm.
Event is fixed - appearance of Halion, Keristrasza now tells us about what happened to RS. Also, Baltharus and his emotes are fixed a little.

Utgarde Pinnacle:
Skadi- a problem when boss could be oneshot with Harpoon.

Fix of Achievements:
Сумеречные помощники(10)
Сумеречный дуэт(10)
Сумеречные помощники(25)
Сумеречный дуэт(25)

Black Temple:
Supremus - hit boxo is corrected.

Utgarde Pinnacle:
Skadi the Ruthless - script is changed a little.

The Forge of Souls:
Bronjahm - some corrections of script.

Achievements are fixed:
Хадронокс низвергнут
Ради Скади
Силы души

The Culling of Stratholme:
An event with Infinite Corruptor, the script of the boss is rewritten.
Now, it's possible to get a mount and achievement -
Времени в обрез

Utgarde Pinaccle:
Fixed -
Повалить увальня

- Fix of problem, when, АОЕ spells hit through the textures at arena.

Glory of the Raider - fix of achievements: both for 10 and 25 mode
Порежем на лоскутики(10)
Мамочка велела напподать тебе(10)
Угроза извержения(10)
Wait for the core update...