Changelog August 2013

6-04-2015, 12:16
NPC is scripted Вестник смерти
Сестра Свална - Эмблема льда is added to loot
Валитрия Сноходица - Column of Frost is corrected.

Rotface: target sellection for the spell Mutated Infection is fixed.
Sindragosa: script is corrected, hit box is fixed, thanks to which Icy Grip pulls players towards boss correctly.
The Lich King: Shadow Trap is fixed.

Mimiron: flame is temporarly switched off in HM.

Rotface: oozes merging mechanincs is corrected. Small oozes no longer have threat system.
Lord Marrowgar: spike is fixed. It's possible now to heal a player who is in spike but the tests are required.
Achievements for Glory of the Hero are fixed:
Повелитель слизнюков
Снова Новос!
Дреду – вред
Испытание чемпиона - для обоих сложностей.

Script of the Champions is corrected, bug is aliminated when it was possible to use vehicles at all the bosses.
Achievements for Glory of the Hero are fixed:
Also, is fixed for the Alliance in both difficulties.

Trash before Lord Marrowgar is scripted.

Trash before Lady Deathwhisper is scripted.
Неруб'арский надзиратель is fixed and rewritten
Кокон spell is corrected
Wait for the core update...