Changelog May 2014

6-04-2015, 12:20
Tentative Changelog:

  • The system of scaling damaging and healing spells from spd is installed at the battle realms in a test mode (counting is taken from the official client and should now be more blizz-like);
  • The system of the dots and hots stats remembering is rewritten;
  • Some corrections of the spells, which characteristics shouldn't be reduced by respawn;
  • New geodata counting is installed. Spells should no longer go behind the textures; incorrect processing of the geodata edges is fixed;

Damaging formula of the following spells is fixed:


  • Test of the new cross-realm platform is launched.
    Some realms will be detached from common BG and arena during test.
    We ask you to write about the found problems at the forum.



  • Fix of problem with the spells' LOS, when after casting there was a cd on the spell and the spell itself flew not even close.
  • The new geodata is installed
  • A new system of the path finding is installed. Now, paths for travelling will be found more optimized.
  • Double coefficient of the abilities "Deep wounds" and "Trauma" is removed.
  • Counting of the dots' crits is corrected
  • Primal Gore is corrected: now, it gives correct chance of crit for the ability "Rip".
  • Now, the effect of Glyph of Pain Suppression can be used under the influence of the ability Freezing Trap as well.
  • PVP-bonus of the dk's gloves is fixed (now, it correctly gives +5 RP from the spell "Chains of Ice".
  • Now, an ability Flare is activated immediately.
  • Upon summoning the pet all the auras are removed.
  • +25% bonus for Lava Lash upon enchanted Flametongue Weapon is corrected.


  • Double of the damage bonus for the pets is fixed.
  • An ability to avoid control using the ability Vanish is corrected.
  • Glow-effect upon preparing of the arena is removed.
  • Now, it's possible to leave the arena even while in the combat.
  • A problem with usage of the Cyclone under the influence of the aura Bladestorm is corrected.
  • several fixes of the crashes