Changelog June 2014

6-04-2015, 12:34

  • Now, wand's shots break through Cloak of Shadows.
  • Leaving arena during combat is fixed.
  • Loot for is added at the Alterac Valey bg
  • Now, mobs return to the points correctly after usage of "Distract"
  • Healbonus of "Swiftmend" is corrected.
  • Some causing crashes problems are eliminated
  • Instances cd reset system is rewriten again.
  • Geodata of the ToC and ToC is corrected (mobs no longer stack in the walls)
  • Pets cd reset at the arena is fixed
  • All the auras are reset now, if pet was hiden
  • Aura's work is rewritten which causes reduction of pet's' AOE damage
  • Lifebloom's last tick critical hit correction
  • Food is added to arena if there is a mage or a lock in the group
  • Bug, when resummoning of the pet while on the mount caused restoration of its hp, is fixed


  • Fix of the problems with ticks of "Inner fire" while Power Word: Shield is on
  • A new cross-realm system will be installed for x115 and FUN realms after some corrections and tests
  • Fix of problem, when talents like Pursuit of Justice, removed at the arena or bg.