Changelog February 2015

6-04-2015, 12:39
Warrior: - from now, gives 1.5 sec stun;
Disarm effect no longer takes away the second weapon/shield;


Слияние с тьмой now can be used under the influence of Глубинного ужаса ;
Improved Devouring Plague hits the shaman's Tremor Totem now;
Слияние с тьмой is now can be used under the influence of the stun/silence effects; - no longer takes away the second weapon/shield;

Death Knight:

Hysteria no longer dispell controls like - полиморф and similar
Rune of Cinderglacier - only one stack of this buff is removed upon usage of лика смерти;
Rune of Cinderglacier is no longer spent on the usage of Necrosis ;
Антимагический панцирь gives immunity to application/renew of the dk's dots and diseases;
Хватка смерти is no longer can be used while in the air; - stacking on the target is fixed;


The distance between тотемами upon summoning is increased;
Elemental Focus is now spent on every healing or damaging ability; - off-like work of the totem is implemented;

Hunter: - bugging of the spell with the help of mount is fixed; - spell damage is fixed;
Kindred Spirits - bonuses' influence after the pet's death and also bugging of the talents with the help of the pet's death are fixed; - no longer can be used after the pet's death; - has recovery time now; - fix of double application to the hunter itself. Now, one of the effects goes to the hunter and the other one - to the pet;


Killing Spree - considers the objects' position and landscape now;
Disarm Trap - disarms traps now; gaining of the combo points upon inflicting critical damage/healing by your group members is fixed;
Killing Spree - no longer hit target which are under control;


Освящение damage from this ability is now increased from appropriate damage modifiers; - influence of the effects which reduce healing is fixed;
Divine Favor - removing of the effect upon usage of abilities is fixed;

Mage: - has a recovery time now, upon taken talent " Fiery Payback". Fix of usage of two spells together; work of the stacks removing is fxied;


Pets' work mechanic, finding the shortest path to the owner, speed correction are rewritten;
Pets no longer stack in the pillars and don't stop attacking;
Proc system is transfered from MOP (it's almost blizz-like now);
Enhanced autocast system is introduced for pets;
A possibility to use range hack is eliminated;
Range which is required for application of mdd attack is fixed;
Reviving of the character is fixed;

Icecrown Citadel:

Divine Intervention no longer remove area debuff Холод трона ;
Icecrown Citadel: - immune mask is fixed. - - script corrections are implemented: puddle no longer "follows" a player and is increased only when a player steps into it.

Sunwell Plateau: - fix of Data Base problems, script is rewritten;

Achievements are fixed: - mobs which are in the flasks (required to pull the boss) no longer die because of spells or other attacks of the bosses or mobs


Warrior: stacks are removed correctly now; no longer hit through absorption; no longer ignore resilence;

Shaman: fix of bug, when totem didn't disappear being behind a texture; - fix of the spell's work behind the textures;

Priest: works with the textures again;

Death Knight: - a new fix of the dots' stacking; a pet appears with full energy now; the spell's work is rewritten; renew of the dot is rewritten;

Hunter: fix of enormous damage of the spell; fix of target search (it no longer hit friendly targets);
Eyes of the Beast - can be used again


Seal of Righteousness - double tick is removed;

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization - the talent influences damage of Глубокие раны" now ;
Мощный удар щитом - now, upon the first hit the modifier from "Символ блокирования" is considered;

Death Knight:
Unholy Blight- fix of "bugging" of the dot on the target, which gave benefit at the arena;

Shaman: fix of stacks removing from the target; fix of the influence on "Власть неживых"

url= no longer disappears under the enemies;


* Pet's speed is increased.
* Pets no longer appear with combat at the arena.

Trial of the Champion:
* The Faction Champions - multiple fixes in DB (now, champions are horsemen visually), scripts are rewritten and optimized, mounted battle will soon be implemented just like at the official server.


Hunter: snakes' hp is corrected;

Rogue: fix of poison stacking; - fix of work of this bonus set (energy recovery is happening now); fix of work of this bonus set (combo points are increased now);

Deathbringer's Will - displaying of the trinket proc while in form is fixed; bugging of the set bonus is fixed;

Warrior: from now, upon usage of БОПа BS will be dispelled;