Summer updates on the UWOW project!

4-06-2024, 20:40
Летние новинки на проекте UWOW!

Dear players!
In the summer season 2024, several interesting new products in PvE activities await you on the project!

An updated raid will be presented for game worlds with the maximum stage of development

There's will be changes in the mythic plus rotation:
  • Along with Legion dungeons, and
  • Both dungeons have been completely reworked, including numerous changes and new items from the Shadowlands / Dragonflight versions
  • As a reward for completion, a random chest containing loot from a random legion dungeon(appropriate to to the patch of your realm) will spawn.

Significant changes will occur to dungeon modifiers:

New modifiers added:

New combinations of modifiers have been generated:

In the future, some adjustments to combinations or individual affixes are possible