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Скидкии и акции по поводу амнистии!

Dear players! We will have a traditional summer event for amnesty, discounts and promotions.
- From July 15 to July 20, there will be a 25% discount.
- From July 15 to July 20, you can return 985 ilvl items from NPC. That are normally can't be returned.
- Also on Legion x100 you will be able to create a 110lvl character with 910 lvl equipment on the new account registered from July 15 to July 20
We hope you can enjoy the game! And have a nice summer!

P.S We have rights to refuse some amnesty for some people who made unforgivable things. And also, we will refuse some amnesty for some people who broke the rules before this events on a few days. Amnesty event is not a good reason to break the rules in the last moment before amnesty)

The second wing of "The Nighthold" on our x5 realm on Normal, Heroic and LFR difficulty have now been opened.
13-06-2022, 09:38
Технические работы

Dear players, on June 14 from 23.00 GMT time, technical work will be carried out on the servers. During this time, the servers will be down.
Approximate work time for all servers is about 1 hour, for x100 realm it will take about 4 hours.
29-05-2022, 16:25

Всем привет.
Есть 2 новости:
1) Мы закрываем х10, перенести чаров можно через личный кабинет на х30. Закрытие будет 05.06.22.
2) Со следующего месяца множитель бонусов за платное голосование на ММОТОПе в первые 5 дней месяца будет не х2, а х1.3
7-05-2022, 09:33
Legion x5 новый этап 7.1.5

More details in the full version of the news
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