Открытие нового игрового мира - Immortal

Открытие нового реалма Wrath of the Lich King Immortal состоится 18-го октября в 19.00 по МСК.
Основой реалма будет новое ядро над которым мы работаем уже около двух лет. Именно Immortal станет первым из многих реалмов, запущенных на этом ядре.
С 1 сентября!

Dear players, on occasion of the 1st of September 30% discounts will be implemented at our server, discounts will last from 1st to 7th September(inclusive).
- From 1st to 30th September you will be able to restore 1 character on your account for free. Please note that you can restore only 1 character, so be attentive.
- On new accounts, created from 1st to 7th september players will get an opportunity to create one 110 level character with basic equipment . Players will see a special menu item, familiar to many players by the test server. Using this menu item you can get your 110 lvl character. Remember that you can create only one 100 lvl character on a new account, the administration can't manually reset your possibility to do this in case of a mistake in selection of race, gender or class.
- From 1st to 7th semptember players will have an option to return 985 items with 30% commision
Технические работы 10.07.2019

This morning, a malfunction of work occurred on the game server of the Legion x100, due to which part of the data was damaged and lost, the last backup made is currently being restored, the rollback will be approximately 6 hours. While the server base is being restored, the realm will not be available.

As compensation for lost data, all those who entered the game during the rollback period will be credited with 100 tokens.

Database recovery time of 3 hours.

Update at 13:00 (Moscow Time)
Base recovered by 50%

Update at 15:15 (Moscow Time)
The database has been successfully restored, the server is running and available for login, and everyone who logged in to the account from 02.00 to 09.45 on the realm x100 legion received 100 tokens each.
Амнистия, скидки, акции

Dear players! We will have a traditional summer event for amnesty, discounts and promotions.
- From July 15 to July 19, there will be a 25% discount.
- From July 15 to July 19, you can return 985 ilvl items from NPC. In normally, they are not able to return.
We hope you can enjoy the game! And have a nice summer!

P.S Again, we have rights to refuse some amnesty for some people who made unforgivable things. And also, we will refuse some amnesty for some people who broke the rules before this events on a few days. Amnesty event is not a good reason to break the rules.
25-06-2019, 21:33
Официальный сервер Discord

Dear players, we hasten to inform you that our project has an official discord server!
Join - https://discord.gg/yGHAFbN
Ддос атака на сервера проекта

Уважаемые игроки, в текущий момент наблюдаются ддос атаки на сервера проекта, что вызывает проблемы с запуском игрового клеинта или потерей связи с игровыми серверами.

Update: 02:30
Работа серверов восстановлена. Установлена дополнительная защита от ддос атак.

Update: 22.06 14:30
Повторная атака. Используются другие методы, ищем способы как ее отбить.

Update: 22.06 19:30
Подключена дополнительная система защиты от ддоса.
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