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16-03-2022, 11:48
Открытие WoTLK x10 - 26.03.22

How to start

World info:
  • opening date: 26/03/2021 at 16:00 GMT.
  • rate: x10 for experience, everything else x1
  • game world type PvP(first 3 days PvE)
  • Raid cooldown: 1 week
  • Horde and Alliance can play together
  • Game world with the gradual opening of the content, the game client will always be version 3.3.5

Donation information:
  • Donate on the realm will not affect the balance of the game
  • Donation items will be gradually added with opening of content

  • The first 10 players to reach level 80 will each receive 1000 bonuses
  • For the First Kill in 25 heroic raids, raid groups will receive: 1st 100k tokens, 2nd 50k tokens, 3rd 25k tokens (conditions of contest participation will be posted later)
  • All 80lvl characters that will have 72 hours of online by the end of first week (02.04.22 23.59 GMT) will receive 200 tokens.

Plan of the content opening:
  • Launch stage: Azjol-Nerub, Amethyst Fortress, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Uthgarde Peak, Gundrak, Drak'Tharon Fortress, Fortress, Utgarde, Nexus, Oculus, Cleansing Stratholme, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning, and so same raids Crypt of Archavon (1 boss), Obsidian Sanctuary, Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity.
  • Second stage: PVP Season 5
  • Third stage: Ulduar raid will be opened, PVP Season 6
  • Fourth stage: Trial of the Champion and raids. Crypt of Archavon (Bosses added), Trial of the Crusader, Den of Onyxia, PVP Season 7
  • Fifth stage: Forge of Souls, the Pit of Saron and Icecrown Citadel raid, PVP Season 8
  • Sixth stage: Ruby Sanctuary raind and new PVP season

The stages and dates are approximate and may vary.

We are waiting for you at the start: 26/03/2021 at 16:00 GMT!
8-03-2022, 18:06
We prolong the discounts and they will be available also on the 9 of March.
8-03-2022, 09:46
Подробности Испытание доблести

More details in the full version of the news
21-02-2022, 11:27
Legion x5 новый этап 7.1.0

More details in the full version of the news
17-02-2022, 21:09
Скидки на 23 февраля и 8 марта

Hello, everyone.
Celebration of the 23 of February and 8 of March is coming and we decided to switch on promotions.
From 23d of February to 8 of March:
- 25% discount on items and services;
- for the Legion x100 at the time of discounts, you will have an opportunity to return the current equip 985 level;
- for the Legion x100 you will be able to get a level 110 character in 910 equipment when creating a new account during the campaign;
Технические проблемы на сервере

Our server experienced technical problems today. We were trying to fix them as fast as we could. Right now we hope that crashes on Legion will stop and everything gets back to normal state.
7-02-2022, 17:52
С 14 февраля!

Hello. Valentine's Day is coming and we've decided to start our traditional promotions:
- On the Legion x100 you will be able to get a level 110 character in 910 equipment when creating a new account
- 20% discount on items and services will be active on 13, 14 and 15 of February
27-12-2021, 19:40
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