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Набор специалистов для ЗБТ

Hello. As you know we are going to launch a new Legion x5 realm with gradual opening of content.
Right now we are conducting closed beta-test of the first stage (7.0.3 content). Therefore we are searching for beta-testers that could evaluate state of our first opening stage.

If you would like to take part in beta-testing, you must understand what the first stage looks like, know its features and the differences from other stages of Legion.

Experts can expect to receive tokens as a reward if they are first to identify and report any inconsistencies to the testing department.

Application form
- Name
- A brief description of how competent you are in the questions of how the first stage should look like (e.g. played wow in the days of 7.0.3 / conducted your own research on this issue, etc.);
- Discord for communication.

You can apply here

The testing department will selectively contact the specialists of interest in the discord.
16-08-2021, 21:20
1 сентября и акции!

Dear players, on occasion of the 1st of September 30% discounts will be implemented at our server, discounts will last from 1st to 7th September(inclusive).
- From 1st to 30th September you will be able to restore 1 character on your account for free. Please note that you can restore only 1 character, so be attentive.
- On new accounts, created from 1st to 7th September players will get an opportunity to create one 110 level character with basic equipment . Players will see a special menu item, familiar to many players by the test server. Using this menu item you can get your 110 lvl character. Remember that you can create only one 100 lvl character on a new account, the administration can't manually reset your possibility to do this in case of a mistake in selection of race, gender or class.
- From 1st to 7th September players will have an option to return 985 items with 30% commission
Открытие нового игрового мира Legion x5

Good afternoon, dear players. Our project is going to release a new Legion realm. ​

We are going to launch the world with the gradual opening of the game content. New realm will be comfortable not only for seasoned players who have passed a variety of raids, battlefields and arenas, but also for the newcomers to World of Warcraft.

What can you expect?
- Opening of the game content will take place in stages . With the release of each stage, the new raid dungeon is added, and next arena season starts, as well small changes take place (currency, drop, etc.);
- Type of game world - PvE;
- Experience Rates - x5 (for professions x2);
- Donate will work in a limited mode. On the first stage (the opening of the realm) there will be available only those items that do not affect the balance. After each stage new items will be added;
- Raid and mythic+ progress races are planned for each of the stages. For the victory (1, 2, 3 places) participants will receive awards;
- To raise interest, during the races some characteristics of raid bosses, as well as their summoned minions will be changed;
- A special team of developers, which will promptly eliminate emerging problems;
- Before the opening of the game world we plan to hold a couple of conferences with players and management of the realm on Discord. The realm management will hold similar conferences periodically after the game world opening as well.
- On the new realm, we will introduce changes regarding gathering groups and raids, as follows:
1) Gathering groups and raids will be possible only through "Pre-assembled groups".
2) It will be impossible to gather groups and raids the old way.
3) At the attempt to gather a group/raid the old way, the player will be announced a warning. In case of ignoring it the game administration has the right to issue a penalty in the form of short-term blocking of the chat.
- Administration team will be divided into RU and EN communities to ensure comfortable support for all players.

Terms of content opening, the date of the conference and all the details will be announced later.​
Изменение правил на легион х100

Доброго времени суток! Из-за множества жалоб на отсутствие наказаний за оскорбление родственников, мы на месяц (с 14.07.2021 по 14.08.2021) приводим в действие правило "Запрещены оскорбления родственников." и "Запрещены оскорбления, которые в силу двоякости могут быть как оскорблениями игрока, так и его родственников". Через месяц посмотрим, какое влияние оно внесло и решим оставлять навсегда или же отменять.

Подробное описание правила вы можете прочитать здесь
Амнистия, скидки, акции

Dear players! We will have a traditional summer event for amnesty, discounts and promotions.
- From July 15 to July 20, there will be a 25% discount.
- From July 15 to July 20, you can return 985 ilvl items from NPC. That are normally can't be returned.
- Also you will be able to create a 110lvl character with 910 lvl equipment on the new account registered from July 15 to July 20
We hope you can enjoy the game! And have a nice summer!

P.S We have rights to refuse some amnesty for some people who made unforgivable things. And also, we will refuse some amnesty for some people who broke the rules before this events on a few days. Amnesty event is not a good reason to break the rules in the last moment before amnesty)
19-06-2021, 12:20
Обновление форума

Hi. We update our forum, it will be unavailable until tomorrow.
Регистрация аккаунтов на почты от мэйлру

Всем привет.
Последнее время наблюдается всё больше сложностей с доставкой писем на ящики от mail.ru. Регулярно письма попадают в спам или не доходят, игроки жалуются. В связи с этим мы временно ограничиваем регистрацию аккаунтов новых пользователей на следующие типы почт: mail.ru, inbox.ru, mail.ua, bk.ru, list.ru, internet.ru
6-06-2021, 12:46
SoloQ на ЛК

Всем привет.
У нас нововведение для реалмов ЛК. Теперь за рейтинг SoloQ станут доступны все рейтинговые вещи, которые требуют рейтинга 2х2. Если у вас рейтинг за SoloQ соответвует, вы сможете купить итемы у того же вендора.

В связи с этим рейт SoloQ будет сброшен для того, что б все игроки были в равных условиях. Сброс запланироран на 06.06.2021, а функционал появится уже на следующей неделе.

P.S. Прошу учесть, что на ЛК есть визуальный баг, который будет показывать, что вам не хватает рейта даже в случае, когда рейт SoloQ соответствует необходимому. Это исключительно визуальный баг, красную надпись можно просто игнорировать, если рейтинга у вас хватает, то итем купится.
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