Ежедневные награды для игровых миров Legion

6-03-2024, 00:47
Ежедневные награды для игровых миров Legion

Hello everyone!
Starting today, the “Daily Rewards” event is launching in Legion our legion realms. To participate in it, you must install the AIO addon (we have fixed conflicts and errors with the addon, the updated version of the addon can be found here or downloaded using our launcher).
In order to receive a reward for the day, you need to spend 60 minutes in the game (❗time is calculated on each character separately), then open the event window(located in your character panel) and click the “Accept” button.

❗ If there are no events within a week, you will receive 100 tokens!
❗ Rewards will be updated and days will be reset every Wednesday (along with weekly reset).