Бесплатный лучший сервер wow

31-12-2019, 15:04

Администрация сервера поздравляет с Новым годом. Пусть 2020 год станет для всех более успешным, ярким, легким и наполненным счастливыми и радостными событиями. Спасибо, что вы с нами.

Всем кто был с нами в декабре, было выслано по 300 токенов на аккаунт!

Так же была проведена амнистия.
10-12-2019, 19:31
We are already preparing for the holiday, developing events, mulling over gifts and promotions, but you have the opportunity to be the first to know the news about our holiday plans.

Promotions from December 20 to January 14 inclusive:
- traditional festive New Year event on the game worlds;
- 30% discount on items and services;
- traditional amnesty of banned accounts and IP;
- free recovery of one character in your account, one recovery per account (the gift will be available from January 1 to January 31, 2020.);
- for the Legion at the time of discounts, the opportunity to return the current equip;
- for the Legion the opportunity to get a level 110 character in 910 equipment when creating a new account during the campaign;
- A small New Year gift in early January.
- during the promotion period, when entering players whose legendary items of level 970 will be transferred to 1000
28-11-2019, 17:24
Черная пятница!

Only on November 27, on the world sales day, for you discounts of 30% for the whole Donat. Hurry up!
Dear players! Starting December 1st, we are launching the first cross-server season of the arena and Mythic+
Перезапуск игрового мира FUN!

Уважаемые игроки и гости проекта! Спешим сообщить о перезапуске игрового мира Legion Fun!
Запланированная дата открытия реалма 01.12.2019 15:00
Нам 10 лет! А ещё Хэллоуин)

On the first of November our server turns 10 years old. The administration of the project congratulates everyone on this modest event in advance and thanks you for being and staying with us.

Promotions from October 31 to November 10 inclusive:
- On new accounts, created from 31st of October to 10th of November players will get an opportunity to create one 110 level character with basic equipment .
Players will see a special menu item, familiar to many players on the test server. Using this menu you can get your 110 lvl character in 910 level equipment.
Remember that you can create only one 110 lvl character on a new account, the administration can't manually reset your possibility to do this in case of a mistake in selection of race, gender or class.
- 40% discounts on items and services will be implemented on our server
- From 31st of October to 10th of November players will have an option to return 985 items with 30% commision
- From 31th October to 30th November you will be able to restore 1 character on your account for free. Please note that you can restore only 1 character, so be attentive.
- On November 1, the event "Invasion: Dalaran" will be launched"
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