Pandaria - New Start!

30-08-2023, 11:54
Пандария - Новый старт!

We are announcing the launch of the new realm of Pandaria x5, which will take place on January 19, 2024 at 19:00

Information about the world:
  • Opening date: 01/19/2024 at 19.00 MSK.
  • Rates: x5 for experience, item drop chance, reputation, etc. - x1.
  • Type of game world: PvP (the first two days PvE mode).
  • CD for raids: 1 week, CD reset on Wednesdays.
  • The Horde and Alliance factions will be united.

    A game world awaits you with the gradual discovery of content based on the game client version 5.4.8.

Information about the opening of content will be announced later

Some additional information:
Realm x5 will run on a new kernel, which is based on the Legion kernel.
The work of game characters' abilities corresponds to patch 5.4.8.

Since the core is common with the legion, development is carried out by a joint team of developers of two addons at once, which speeds up the implementation of content.
Raids of the add-on by a joint team of testers and developers were brought to the level of performance that was on the official

The dungeons of the add-on have been rescripted and all found errors have been corrected (new errors will also be corrected, they are not perfect yet)
The rework of quests in Pandaria locations has been completed, all found errors have been corrected (new errors will also be corrected, they are not perfect yet)

Some questions and answers:
The kernel is new and now there are no bugs on it?
Answer: Alas, this is not so, the server is pirated and the presence of bugs to one degree or another will still be present.
So we are not able to fix absolutely all the bugs with our small team of developers.
BUT we are trying to fix bugs as much as possible, paying special attention to critical flaws, so that players have the most comfortable time in the game.
The kernel is new now and now there will be no server crashes?
Answer: It is no longer new; in a year of work, a huge number of server crashes and errors have been fixed. But falls are still possible.
What kind of online will it be at the start?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have the gift of foresight, and therefore we do not know! And we won’t lie with the numbers.
Why did the launch of the last Pandaria realm fail, will this one fail too?
Answer: During the last launch of the Pandaria realm, we made mistakes in administering the Pandaria content testing system, which resulted in unreliable data on its operation and a premature start.
To correct this error, the head of the testing department was changed, the methods for checking content were also changed, and the staff of the testing department was also increased.
Over the past year, we have done a lot of work to improve the performance of Pandaria content.