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3-09-2012, 11:05
Dear players! You have the opportunity to receive bonuses in the game by voting for our server in the ranking of WoW servers on!

Голосование за сервер вов

Rewards for votes are sent from 06.00 to 23.00 to the inbox in the game. If you voted 23.00 to 06.00, then rewards will be sent to you after 06.00

Normal vote:
By voting, you increase online on the server, and also receive the following bonuses in the game:
Lich King x1: 1 ordinary voice = [Emblem of Triumph] х4 + 20 golds
Lich King х30: 1 ordinary voice = [Emblem of Frost] х4

Legion and Pandaria : 1 ordinary voice = [Karma Points] x1

Awards for SMS voting:
Rewards depend on the funds spent on SMS:
1. 10 votes / 30 ₽ - 10 votes and 30 tokens will be awarded
2. 50 votes / 120 ₽ - 50 votes and 120 tokens will be awarded
3. 100 votes / 199 ₽ - 100 votes and 200 tokens will be awarded

Additional rewards - TOP 3:
TOP 3 is divided into two types - regular voting and SMS voting. Every month of the 1st day at 06:00 Moscow time, according to statistics from the previous month, we determine the TOP 3 voting characters for each game world and reward them additionally.
1st place - 1000 tokens per account in your account
2nd place - 800 tokens to the account in your account
3rd place - 600 tokens to the account in your account

Important information

Thanks for the support!