Changes in Special Offer

12-05-2012, 08:36

On occasion of the 1st of May, a special offer for etherial coins will be launched.
You will be given additional 5% of etherial coins for single more than 1000 of rubles donation.

Also, the bonus system has been launched.
Upon any donation:

500r + 1%
1000r + 5%
6000r + 10%
15000r + 15%
30000r + 20%
60000r + 30%

1 The total amount of money is counted for a single account and binds to it. All the characters of this account from any realm are included in the system.
2 Upon receiving of the SMS bonus, 50% of the bonus will be credited.
3 Percents from the bonus and from single payment are summarized.
4 Bonus is not a straight help to the server and can not be transferred.
5 Bonus will be sent in additional letter.