Recruiting of the VK Group Moderators

14-05-2012, 09:11
Dear users, there is a unique oportunity for the active VK group members to participate in its development!
We are looking for the moderators.


- to filtrate spam
- to answer the players' questions and users support in the group
- to filtrate video/audio materials from the repeatitions and so on
- to keep a blog/photoalbum of the group corresponding theme


- to be older 18
- you will be given the post of moderator in game
- you have to have an account with 50+ messages and without violations at the forum
- presents of the game account with over 10-day experience of playing (/played to check)

Leave your applications here in the topic at the forum (the same goes for the moderators!).
The dates: since 14.05 till 19.05 (interviews will be held on saturday/sunday)