Restoration of the Deleted Character

27-05-2012, 12:54
Dear players

Now, you have a possibility to restore the deleted charactarter in automatic mode. The vendor, which changes the faction, race and sex now has one more line - "restore deleted character for 400 etherial coins". That's why , the restoration of the intentionally or unintentionally deleted character you were gearing up for two years and spend a lot of time on which is not a problem anymore. It works in the following way: let's suppose that you have A, B and C characters at your account and the A was deleted for some reason and you want to restore it. You need to have 400 etherial coins at your B or C characters. It's very important to have coins at the character of the same account where the deleted character was. If deleted character was the only one, than you may create a new one and buy 400 etherial coins. Then come to sex/faction/race changing vendor and click the last line. It will activate the automatic data base analysis to find the recently deleted characters. Then, you will see the list of the characters which can be restored. Click the name and the character will be restored at your account. Note, that the name of the character must be free. That's why, if your character has quite interesting and wide-spread name - don't waste time, otherwise somebody may take your name and it will take much time to restore it.

Project administration.