Start of the Experimental Project at x30

28-08-2012, 21:15
Dear playes. A new project of the enhanced comfort realm has been launched. I will remind you a conception of the new realm. x30 will be a realm where the players will have spells which helps to play wow, but don't spoil the balance. Even now there is a trainer at the entrance to every capital with the name Warhammer, who is giving the basic spells to everone who wants.
You may learn the folowing spells:
1) Druids' aquatic form
2) Druids' fast flying form
3) Food (the simpliest one, not to run to vendors from the dungeonses)
4) Water (the simpliest one, not to run to vendors from the dungeonses)
5) Portal to Dalaran (300g, in order not to allow low level to go there immediately)
6) Portal to Shatrat (300g, the same reason)
7) Parachute (there is no need to explain why)
8) Warlock's summoning stone (two players are enough now)
9) Spell, which gives a small temporal mount speed bonus.

In addition, cd is set to zero immediately after a duel, spells are buffed without casting before the arena, hunters' pets appear with the hunters' level immediately, arena starts from 2k.

(Your suggestions and complains you may write to Agis at the forum or in the corresponding x30 topic)