Streams Portal and Search for Streamers.

12-12-2012, 13:54
Good day to all the users of our project.

Today I would like to tell you about one of our planned innovations. This is the streams portal.

For those who do not understand what it is:

What is it?
The Stream is an online broadcast. In our case, it is a variety of channels that are kept by our players, as well as a group of streamers, who will be to continuously broadcast by behalf of the server. Just like a live broadcast on TV, but only «by behalf» of the players’ monitor.

For example, you like the way the player X plays and your friend likes the guild Y, which is farming ICC and RS 25hm, and the other person doesn’t want to play at Cataclysm realms, because he knows nothing about this expansion set.
Thus, we assume that a player X keeps theirs own online broadcast channel (stream), as well as the guild Y, and just as well as has a stream channel. Thanks to this, you can see the game of the X player from theirs point of view, while he or she is playing arena and discussing the tactics of theirs team in Skype, etc. Having spectated, you have learned a lot about the game in the arena, as well as the tactics of the skilled team. Is it cool? Yes it is.
In turn, your friend, having spectated the Y guild stream, got experience in PvE, imbued with the guild tactics, managed to join the guild, and having shown his best side got to its static raid. Is it cool? Yes it is.
A person who does not want to play at the Cataclysm realm, having seen the news reports, having followed the other players game in the Cataclysm through the stream, as well as having discussed the interesting topics with the administration in live mode, finally decided to play and was satisfied. That’s cool too.

Why should the X player show his teamplay, and the Y guild show their tactics? Because they gain some kind of fame in the server players community and then recommend themselves as candidates for the representative of the Administration, for example, and also (yet at the stage of conception) participate in the contest People's Choice Award, and receive prizes from the Administration for the irreplaceable contribution to the development of the project .
Then, why the official channel is needed? In addition to the fact that the players will show their play to the others, the official channel will delight the players with the selection of good frames. For example, top players’ spectators, streams of events and tournaments with commentary, and possibly online interview with the winners, popular players or administration.

Let’s put the theory aside.
We open the streams portal, and while it is still in the development stage, I would like to recruit the mentioned streamers, who can keep our server official channel, trying to bring interesting news to the players online, as well as the translations of events, tournaments and more.

What do we need from you?
We need 2-5 people who want to work for the server, getting paid for it in the form of ether, the amount of which will be determined, but will likely be equal to the salary of the 2nd lvl administrator.
These people will get the moderators’ right, probably for the convenience and mobility of their characters to make streaming more convenient.
All you need is a desire to work and develop the project, good hardware for good streams of 720p lvl, good Internet channel, free time in the evenings and weekends, trained voice with the correct speech (swear words are forbidden of course, at least while streaming on behalf of the project), as well as monitoring of other streams. For example if the stream violates the rules of the project, you will need to tell it to Administration to block the player.
People, who can easily find a common language, interesting news to discuss, guests for interview and others will be in priority.

How to apply?
Send your application on e-mail:
Be sure to include the following information:

1. Name
2. Skype
3. Characters in the game, their achievements, and the other information we may be interested in
4. Describe your hardware (especially CPU, RAM, graphics card and the motherboard)
5. Your Internet channel (Internet speed, the declared and actual. speed test will be ok)
6. Create a test stream and post a link to it in the interview we will check the quality you can stream with.

You can attach a comment about why this vacancy is interesting for you.

Applications will be accepted until the New Year. Applications will be considered before the closure, but the final verdict will be taken after the holidays.
E-mail is for the applications only. Don’t wait the answers. Too much annoying people will be added to the blacklist and removed from the competition.