18-12-2012, 17:58
Dear players!

On occasion of the New Year, the administration has decided to launch a week of discounts. Special Offer will be launched on the 20th December :

All donate items at vendors are cost 30% as cheaper.
Change of faction, sex and race and restoration of the deleted characters will be 30% as cheaper.
Change of faction from the horde to the alliance is free! (Until the 23th of December, inclusive)

The New Year's gifts will be sent at the Christmas Eve as usuaд (you will learn which exactly from the mails, because this is a surprise). Due to the fact that Santa Claus was caught by Pandarens, the sending out of the gifts is delayed. As soon as Santa beat'em up the gifts will come.
Christmas event with the boss with quite rare, interesting and rare loot will be launched. The loot list will be published tomorrow.Perhaps, it will be incomplete (there has to be a pleasant surprise).

And we traditionally specify that the terms and conditions of the New Year event and discounts may be changed by the administration without a special notification, if necessary. Check the news from time to time.