Special Offer Information Update

20-12-2012, 03:04
UPDATE1. All the promised discounts on donations and services have been launched according to the schedule after the realms restart. Boss will be tentatively launched on the 20th of December at the Lich King realms .
As for the Cataclysm realms, an event with the boss will appear later, it is underway now .

So, a little bit about the boss. It will not be easy. The boss will be targeted at the 40-players raid. We won't tell you about the mechanics of combat and tactics, of course =) The loot will be the following:
1. Shadowmourne
2. The most expensive donate mounts (for loot codes, removed from the game, those which are difficult to receive, like Qiraji Tank or Celestial Steed)
3. The same pets(for loot codes, removed from the game, those which are difficult to receive).
4. Rare and removed from the game tabards.
5. Rare and removed from the game items (for loot codes, such as, for example, Carved Ogre Idol - http://www.wowhead.com/item=49704, or Corrupted Ashbringer - http://www.wowhead.com/item=22691).
6. Lich King 25 HM weapons
7. Loot from Halion HM
8. Some amount of PVP armor.

The exact number of items for one raid, percentages and other subtle nuances are now being discussed and tested in practice. An information about the Cataclysm boss will be given later, but the loot principle is the same.

The boss spawn will take place in the following locations: Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, Winterspring, Un'Goro Crater, Azshara, Tanaris, Thousand Needles, Desolace.

Respawn time is 4 hours.

UPDATE2. Also on occasion of the upcoming holidays we've decided to change the dates of double reward for voting at mmotop. Now you can get it from the 25th December to the 7th January of the new year.