х75 Restart

3-01-2013, 05:07
Ladies and gentlemen, Uwow Administration presents you the updated X75. Realm has died, so we've decided to give it a rebirth. X75 Project is experimental, and it's quite controversial, everything is in its infancy, and how it will be developed depends solely on you. We've tried to create a kind of continuation for the LK 3.3.5. on the basis of the beloved BC bosses. It will be for those who are tired of the ICC and the RC.

Realm's features:
  • New realm content based on the BC instances (Black Temple and theTempest Keep), adapted to the 25hm difficulty;
  • The new A9 and T11 sets made by formulas;
  • The items from the new instances have from 277 to 290 ilvl + 297 ilvl weapon, everything have done by formulas;
  • The reputation which was removed at the LC update has been restored;
  • The new PvE currency;
  • The possibility to take part in the development of the realm;

    If you create a character within a week from the start of the realm, you will get bonuses:
  • Your character will immediately be 80 lvl;
  • A pair of mounts;
  • 4 bags of 24 slots;
  • 500 emblems of frost, to accelerate the learning of the new content;

    Much remains to be done, and our task is to fulfill your wishes, so the X75 history we will write together. The administrator Agis will oversee the development of this realm, collect and analyze the information about the wishes of the players. Actually, there is nothing more to say, we are embarking on 07/01/2013 at 12:00 (Moscow time).