The Burning Crusade Rebirth at Uwow

4-02-2013, 23:33
Dear project userst, we all remember our old BC Realm, I would prefer to say that it was, hmm "pen test", not too much, successful though , but do not lose heart!

UWOW Administration is pleased to present you its new creation, which like Al'ar reborn from the ashes: new BC Realm.
It's not that old, bad core that the players didn't like. This is a new, improved core, due to which you will forget about such problems as the frequent servers crash . (There will be disconnection of course, but they will be scheduled)
Many scripted bosses are waiting for the characters that can fight with them!
A large variety of quests will not allow you to be bored even if you are alone.
We have realized all the mistakes that were made in the old realms. We have fixed them and will do our best not to repeat them, and not to step on the same rake.

New Realm will be named Asgard x10 - 2.4.3
This game realm will carry something old and something new at the same time.
Old players, and the new administration.
Old programmers, who know all the bugs and errors in the game, and new experienced programmers who will bring their own unique contribution.
The old dungeons with new impressions!
There will be a variety of events in the form of a game and forum events.
And many many others.

Also, we have prepared some nice bonuses at the start:
  • Constant realm gaming rate - x10, HOWEVER within the first month since the opening of realm the rate will be not x10, but x25. It will accelerate your rise to fame on this game server.
  • The first characters who reach 70 level will receive additional gifts.
  • Everyone who registers during the first month will receive a pet, "Phoenix", in honor of the BC project revival.

    Realm opening will take place on monday the 11th of February at 18-00.
    We wish you a nice game and good luck at the vasts of the new realm!

    P.S. Realmlist - set realmlist