Arena season end

25-03-2013, 11:18
Today on 25.03.2013 arena season has come to its end. Arenas have been disabled in order to check teams and will be enabled on the 25th of March in the morning. Because of the cross realm arena modernization, arena season end has been delayed for 2 months which turned out to be longer and not as we expected in the first place.
Also, because of the critical changes applied to the teams' data base they will be wiped and the new season will start with a clean slate.

The following rewards will be given out:

First five teams will get 200 Ethereal Credits.

1 type - rank 1,2,3. (First three realm teams will get the title)
You will get the following titles: Wrathful Gladiator, Duelist, Rival, Challenger and of course the achievements according to the titles. Also, you will get and 300 Ethereal Credits for each person in a team.

2 type - top 3%
Titles and achievements: Duelist, Rival, Challenger

3 type - top 10%
Titles and achievements: Rival, Challenger

3 type - top 35%
Titles and achievements: Challenger

There will be no rewards, because this bracket is not relevant.

Warning! The administration can change the rewards and terms of their delivery.
Projects' Administration