The New Unban System

4-04-2013, 18:12
Read more about the system, how does it work?

1) Upon the ban, GM inserts a simple code into the ban reason and the new system can recognize it.
2) You go to the personal account and see something like that:

You are banned: Permanently
You are banned: Angst
Ban reason: OA ban system test (or any other code meaning the reason).

Remove the ban from the account (link)

3) Having followed the link you will be offered to remove the ban for a certain number of coins. For example it will cost N coins. It looks like this:

If you want to remove the ban for N Ethereal coins follow the link (link)

4) After you have followed, you will see that the link for the account to pay is generated. Follow it.
5) Next you check your personal data again and press "Pay" and you will be redirected to the Robokassa where you can choose any convenient way of payment.

The list of codes, system operations and the amount of ether required for unban:
175 EM - indecent nickname - operation: unban+rename - code: IN + any commentaries
250 EM - WEH - operation: unban- code: WEH + any commentaries
300 EM - Bug usage - operation: unban- code: BU + any commentaries
350 EM - Exchange - operation: unban+unmute - code: EX + any commentaries
350 EM - Initiation of ethnic discord - operation: unban+unmute - code: IED + any commentaries
350 EM - Parents Insulting - operation: unban+unmute - code: PI + any commentaries
350 EM - Cheats like PWE - operation: unban - code: WPE + any commentaries
350 EM - Donaters Insulting - operation: unban+unmute - code: DI + any commentaries
350 EM - Discussion of the administration's actions - operation: unban+unmute - Code: DAA + any commentaries
400 EM - Administration Insulting - operation: unban+unmute - code: AI + any commentaries
400 EM - Server Insulting - operation: unban+unmute - code: SI + any commentaries
400 EM - Advertising of the side projects - operation: unban+unmute - code: ASP + any commentaries