DDoS attack

6-05-2013, 03:10
Upd 30.04 13.00
We are still being DDoS'ed, trying our best to fix the situation.

Upd 30.04 15.00
Connection system has been reworked. Servers won't crash during the DDoS anymore.

Upd 30.04 15.30
Now we are using extra log in server for those who can't get into the game. Change your realmlist.wtf in the game folder to
set realmlist
or to
set realmlist
choose any that works.

Upd 30.04 18.00
Web server has been shut down because of the DDoS.

Upd 01.05 18.00
And our DDoS'ers are not calming down, this time they are attacking every realms of our server. We are trying our best to defend the server.

Upd 04.05
Project's site is being attacked. As a result, our web server shut down for a short period of time.

Upd 05.05
Server's log in is still under attack. You can experience some log in issues and it might say that you've entered wrong username or password.