Great News for Streamers

6-06-2013, 09:12
Great news for streamers!
As you know, there is a Stream tab at the site but it doesn't work. We've decided to change it.
Отличная новость для стримеров!
From now, anyone can add theirs stream to the site.
To do this, a player should enter command in the game chat «.twitch addme $channelname», where $channelname is your twitch channel name.
Отличная новость для стримеров!
(Qwerty - twitch channel name)
After that, your stream will be added to the section "Unconfirmed"
Отличная новость для стримеров!
To become confirmed, our moderators should approve it.
That's why if you want your stream to be confirmed faster, write a ticket with the request to approve your stream and the channel name.
Now, you don't need to create hundreds of topics with the link to your stream.
Also, the most interesting streamers will be given a right disabling premodeartion.
After you quit the game, the stream will be deleted.

Special thanks to dopefish for the difficult work he has done in implementation of the streams.