We promised a surprise

5-11-2013, 19:37
We promised a surprise 5-11-2013, 19:37
What exactly we meant by it. We decided to implement a new system which will give bonuses for your time spend in game.
The list for WotLK realms has been completed already, we just need to add it to the game:
100 hours - http://wowhead.com/item=8494
250 hours - http://wowhead.com/item=49044 for Alliance, http://wowhead.com/item=49046 - Horde
500 hours - http://wowhead.com/item=13583#teaches-ability
1000 hours - http://wowhead.com/item=49284
2500 hours - http://wowhead.com/item=39656
5000 hours - http://wowhead.com/title=44 or http://wowhead.com/title=159, http://wowhead.com/item=54811 (we haven't decided about the achievement and the title yet, we will see how we can implement all of that)

It's NOT ADDED yet. We will announce it when it's done. The head of the project is a busy man, but we hope that it will be done by the end of this month.

Talking about Cata and MoP, the lists are being prepared at the moment. It will be similar to this one. Also, I want to point out that we won't replace any item from the list.