[MOP] x100 realm 5.4.2 update - 12.04.14!

6-04-2014, 17:38
Hello everyone!
We decided that it's high time for a change!
As a result, by speeding up the work tempo, we exceeded our monthly plan
and we are going to update MoP x100 realm to 5.4.2 patch version.

The transition itself will take place on the night from 12 till 13 of April, but this is not the most interesting part,
we will talk about the most interesting one a bit later.

Alarmists and their sympathizers, stay calm! You will keep your characters,
items, gold and other kinds of accessories.
But the currency will be converted the following way: valor points to justice, conquest points to honor,
other kinds of useless currency leftovers will be converted
into much needed and nice looking gold.

Considering that our MoP devs exceeded the plan for big innovations,
but the month is not over yet, we decided that it's time to think about other
goodies that we can implement a bit earlier, of course not forgetting about
fixing minor problems. Here is the list of minor fixes that will come into force in the near future:
- Siege of Orgrimmar. Those who got bored of Garrosh will be able to beat him with a mallet with a clear conscience and get the unique loot at the same time;
- A new scenario will appear. You can find out about it more right HERE;
- Pet battles will cheer up tired raiders, wounded gladiators and simply those who love achievements;
- Challenge mode will be implemented for hardcore fans;
- Those who are fed up with noobs being invited to their raid group because of the lack of people will be happy with our new flexible raid system;
- It's needless to say that we will keep working on fixing workability of classes, quests and settlements.

Everyone who is interested in joining this 5.4.2 server can follow THIS link. All details are clearly described there)

We are waiting for you to play on the new patch. 4 years as your Administration.