Free characters transfer.

13-04-2014, 12:42
Welcome, dear visitors!
A free characters transfer from the other servers is opened at our server.

According to the tradition, let’s start with the answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: What does the free transfer include?
A: The system creates a character of the class you choose which will be dressed in a standard set of equipment and given bags and gold. Instead of it, GM deletes your character at the other server after checking and approval.

Q: I have a druid at the other server, and I would like to play Warlock at your server. Is it possible?
A: Yes, it is possible. You do not have to transfer the character of the same class as you were playing at the previous server but you have to remember that for every transferred character you will receive one character.

Q: Upon transfer I choose a specific class and specialization. Will the talents and glyphs be set?
A: No, you choose the class and spec just to get a suitable starting gear.

Q: Is there a limit on the level, gear or online of the character for transfer to the other server?
A: The only limitation is according to the level and rate. Your character must be above the 70 level at the the LC, 75 at the Cata, and 80 at the MoP inclusive. Rating of the game world you transfer the character to must match (or be less than) the rate of the game world at the server.
If you want to move the character to x1, your rate should be no higher than x5

Q: Can I transfer a character from the other MoP server to your LK, and vice versa?
A: Yes, you can transfer your character from any patch of your server to any realm and patch of our server, where the transfer is opened.

Q: What level of equipment will my character get?
A: LK - 200 ilvl, Cata - 372 ilvl, MoP - 483 ilvl equipment.

Q: What will happen to my budge, titles, etc?
A: Gears, achievements, titles, mounts, companions, game progress will not be saved.

How to transfer a character?
1) Follow the link: login and log in to the account you want to transfer the character to.
2) Select Transfer -> Create application -> Free
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
3) You will be given a form to fill in data about your character
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
In the first step, select the server from the list. If your server is not listed, click the "other" and enter the address of your server site.
In the second step, write login from the account you transfer the character from.
In the third step, write the password for this account.
Then, write your server logon. You can check it in realmlist file located in the root folder of WoW -> Data -> RuRu
There is no need to write the phrase set realmlist.
In the fifth step, specify the name of your server realm. You can shorten it and write only rate and patch, indicated in the title.
In the last step, specify the nickname of the character you move and click "Next". Remember that this character will be deleted by our server GM. At our server you will be able to choose a new free username.
Important! Fill in the blank correctly, do not change your password or delete your character. Otherwise, you will be denied a free transfer.
4) In the next step you will need to choose a Realm (where you want to play at our server) faction (the Horde or the Alliance) and the character class that will be created for you at our server.
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
Also click the "Next" button.
5) The last step. You will be offered to select a specialization. It will not be set up for your character; you choose a specialization only for the equipment.
It can also be seen in this menu.
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
Click "Next" and if you did everything right, you will see the following:
Бесплатный перенос персонажей.
So, you have left an application for free character transfer. After GM checks and approves your application, you will find the character at the account, from which left an application.
The average duration of your application consideration is from 1 to 3 days.You can monitor the status in the "My Applications" tab.