Mists of Pandaria x1 realm launch

15-05-2014, 14:16
Dear players, we are glad to announce that we are going to launch a new blizzlike realm with x1 rates.

It will take place on the 7th of June at 12 PM Moscow time.

To make your experience more pleasant we decided to add some nice bonuses. You can obtain them by spending hours playing the game:
1 hour spent in game: 500 gold
5 hours: 1500 gold
10 hours: 3000 gold and http://wowhead.com/item=46109
50 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=72068
100 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=49663
250 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=72068
500 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=83086
1000 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=68385
2500 hours: horde http://wowhead.com/item=76902 ; alliance http://wowhead.com/item=76889
5000 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=69846
9000 hours: http://wowhead.com/item=85870
* In order to obtain one of these bonuses you need to relog twice!

The first person to get "Realm First! Level 90 *class*" achievement will receive 250 Ethereal Credits.

Experience - х1
Quests - х1
Drop chance - х1
Gold - х1
Reputation - х1
Skill leveling - х1

Cooldown and cap reset every week.

Additional information:
How to start playing