New Special Offer!

1-06-2014, 19:08
Do you want to receive ethereal coins in addition to the bonuses for voting? You have the chance now! Three best players included in the top of voter at MMOTOP will receive a decent amount of etherial coins to satisfy their interests and needs in the game. Moreover, we not only gift the etherial coins to the top three voters but also choose the top three voters for each realm, that is, having gained the required votes you will not need to worry about the fact that the player from the other realm may overtake you and get coins that are dear to the heart.

1st place - 500 ethereal coins
2nd place - 400 ethereal coins
3rd place - 300 ethereal coins

P.S. To participate in the prize draw you must have at least 30 votes. You must votee onlt for one character. If there are more than 3 players for one place, the winners will be chosen randomly from the list of candidates.

Special offer conditions can be changed depending on the new data and statistics of the received votes.