Character transfer is available on x75 and x100 WotLK realms

7-06-2014, 18:47
Dear players, we decided to give a character transfer opportunity to both x75 and x100 realms which soon will be closed. You can choose a more popular realm.
You are allowed to transfer your character from x75 and x100 to x115 and x125, depending on your taste. This is absolutely free of charge. You can transfer your character only to one of the realms. You can not have one character transfered to both x115 and x125 realms, so you better think carefully before doing it.
You will keep everything that you have, such as bags, equipment, professions, personal bank stuff, titles and achievements.
In order to transfer you must be in your faction capital city (Orgrimmar/Stormwind), find NPC Transfer, choose the realm you want and click the nickname in the list.
Before transferring type .save command in the chat
In a month we are planning to close x75 and x100 realms, hurry up!